Most Googled Cryptocurrency In The World Is Revealed To Be Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most Googled cryptocurrency across the globe nearing 26.5 million average monthly searches for the digital coin, almost three times more searches than Dogecoin – the second most Googled cryptocurrency at 10.27 million Google searches on average 

Totalling 4.95 million average searches per month is Shiba Inu crypto, making it the third most searched cryptocurrency 

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Most Googled Cryptocurrency In The World Is Revealed To Be Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most searched cryptocurrency across the globe, new research reveals.

A study by CasinoScores analysed the search volume for the top 100 cryptocurrencies to establish which is the most popular the research was refined to the top ten based on the Google search volume globally per month.

Topping the list is the origin of Crypto; Bitcoin, established in 2009, the cryptocurrency won by almost three times the next most searched digital currency, receiving an average search of 26.45 million Globally. Followed by Dogecoin, placing second with 16.18 million fewer searches than Bitcoin, which ranked second in the ranking at 10.27 million Google searches per month. Dogecoin was initially a ‘meme coin’; however, it is now an authorized investment prospect.

The third most Googled cryptocurrency is Shiba Inu, Dogecoin’s direct competitor. The coin has more than 4.9 million searches per month. Created as an experiment by anonymous “Ryoshi” in 2020, the ‘meme coin’ is also known as the ‘Dogecoin killer’.

Fourth place is Ethereum, seeing upwards of 4.8 million Google searches. Programmer Vitalik Buterin conceived the cryptocurrency in 2013, and it was further released in 2015. Ethereum is a blockchain-based software platform for receiving and sending value worldwide.

Terra’s public blockchain takes fifth, averaging 4.2 million searches for the digital coin per month.

Claiming sixth is Axie Infinity, having received an average of 3.4 million Google searches. Developed by Sky Mavis studio in Vietnamese, it was released in 2018. Gala follows in seventh, with an average search of 3.28 million per month.

Established in 2020, Pancakeswap has a search volume of 3.25 million, ranking eighth.

Ninth place is Xrp, developed by currency exchange network Ripple Lab Inc. Conceived by Jed McCaleb in 2012; it claims 2.2 million searches on average monthly. Last in the ranking in tenth is Cardano with a monthly search volume of 1.77 million across the globe.

Top 10 Most Googled Cryptocurrencies across the World 

Rank  Company  Average Global search volume per month  
1 Bitcoin 26,450,000
2 Dogecoin 10,270,000
3 Shiba Inu 4,950,000
4 Ethereum 4,830,000
5 Terra 4,220,000
6 Axie Infinity 3,420,000
7 Gala 3,280,000
8 Pancakeswap 3,250,000
9 Xrp 2,210,000
10 Cardano 1,770,000


Commenting on their findings, a spokesperson from CasinoScores said, “It’s fascinating to see the high interest in cryptocurrency as it continues to evolve. With this new currency market becoming well known in the past decade, it’s insightful to see the world’s interest and the future impact this could have on traditional banks, with Crypto moving away from normalities. The data shows that Bitcoin shows the strongest dominance worldwide of all the digital currencies, and is still a go-to for many, since being the original cryptocurrency in the market, it is no surprise it holds its position in the ranking. 

It’s equally insightful to see how cryptocurrency has become more popular among gamblers, as it can process transactions faster due to blockchain technology. In addition to lower transactions fees that you would typically pay through traditional banking when on an online casino site. Whereas with crypto gambling, there aren’t the tax fees added on and are only paying a fee to the miners of the cryptocurrency, therefore, can be an appealing option for casino players.”