Excitement and Challenges of Working in DeFi

The industrial revolution led to massive job loss. This is because machines took the place of skilled workers and did a better job at it. However, it also created new sets of jobs that did not exist before then.

The same is happening in this day and age as AI and blockchain technology are changing the employment narrative. Speaking of blockchain technology, it is creating loads of job placements in the finance industry. These jobs are known as DeFi jobs, and they include:

  • Cyber Forensic Analyst
  • Market Regulation Investigator
  • Investor Relations Associate
  • Web3 Associate
  • Blockchain Developer/Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Community & Marketing Manager

Frankly, the aforementioned DeFi jobs are simply the tip of the iceberg as there are several others. By the way, DeFi means Decentralized Finance.

People considering a career in this fast-evolving finance/blockchain sector need to be aware of the excitement and challenges of working in this new sector. This article will cover this subject. So, read on to find out about it.

How Exciting Working in DeFi Can Be

Working in this sector in whatever capacity can be quite thrilling. The excitement can be born out of the fact that:

It Has Innovation at Its Core

Are you the kind of person that gets easily bored and uninterested in repetitive tasks? Then a career in this fast-evolving sector might be right for you. This is given how blockchain technology is driving constant change in the finance sector.

This means that you get to be part of real and life-changing decisions. However, this also depends on the role that you play in this industry. Regardless, you will be contributing your quota.

It Is Highly Decentralized

Anyone familiar with the crypto market understands that decentralization is its hallmark. Well, blockchain is the technology behind crypto as well as the DeFi sector. This means that you get to work in a sector that gives individuals more autonomy.

This is far-fetched from how traditional banking and finance institutions operate. The disruption that this fast-rising sector causes for traditional finance institutions could even be one of the excitements as well.

Global Impact

The fact that the DeFi sector relies on internet connectivity and is not centralized means that its reach is global. This means that you would be part of a system that offers its services to a global market.

All these are part of the excitement that working in DeFi offers. However, you also need to be properly placed to make the most of this fast-evolving industry. You can visit theblockchainrecruiter.com for more on this subject. You can also avail yourself of the many study materials that abound online.

The Challenges of Working in DeFi

There is no doubting the fact that working in DeFi can be very exciting. However, some challenges may be faced. Some of these challenges are more peculiar to certain roles in the industry than others. But by and large, some of the challenges include:

Regulatory Uncertainty

This sector has grown a lot over the years. Be that as it may, it cannot be said to be fully formed. As a result, there are gray areas and one such is industry regulation. This makes the industry somewhat challenging even as it is.


The industry has a lot of prospects and as expected, there is ever-increasing competition. This increasing level of competition is one of the challenges that working in this sector presents.


As with the crypto market, the DeFi market can be very volatile. This is because of the impact of fluctuating prices of assets and tokens. This means that there is so much risk that comes with working in the industry.

Liquidity Concerns

For the record, the concern is not the ability to liquidate DeFi assets when the need arises. There is provision for this as experience has shown. However, the concern is the level of power that market makers and liquidity providers have.

Security Concern

This is quite a tricky subject to discuss. The reason is that blockchain technology is reasonably secure. However, cybercriminals can take advantage of some loopholes in blockchain-adjacent operations.

This raises security concerns with DeFi. You can click here for more information on how secure and insecure blockchain technology can be.


There are excitements as well as challenges that come with working in the DeFi sector. As pointed out, some roles are more vulnerable and immune to these challenges than others. This might influence your choice of career in this sector.