The DNA of a Super Trader


Wall street trader
Wall street trader

Do you want to know the secret of a successful Forex trader? Secrets that so many investors, new and old are after, well to be honest, the secrets lie in research and experience. If you want to know all about how super traders trade and make millions in a span of days, you need to seriously look into how they function and how they think. Super traders seldom work hard. Many of them don’t even have a Master’s degree and many don’t possess formal education, but are successful in making big gains and closing super trade deals.

The reason for their success is the fact that all super traders have certain things, habits and traits in common. Exploring those traits and learning about their habits is what can lead you towards a successful career. Given below are some of the features of super traders, features that have made them what they are today. Once you have a good understanding of these factors, consider entering the world of the elite 5% traders who make huge profits. So, let’s begin, shall we.



The Best and the Most Successful Traders Are Always Simple

Although you may believe otherwise, it is a fact that some of the best traders in the market today have a realistic and simplistic approach to trading strategies. Super traders believe that simple tactics and trade strategies consist of fewer inputs and parameters which make them more vigorous and robust.

Focus On Long-Term Trading Trends

Traders who emphasize on trading huge volumes by putting in useless effort tend to always lose money. Some of the best Forex traders analyze trade trends that can last for weeks and months at a time and most of the times this pays out, in millions.

Learn To Make Reasonable Mistakes and Learn From Them 

All great Forex traders know and acknowledge the fact that there are a plethora of ways you can make money but they also know that if you keep your losses running, you will be pushed farther down the road to loss and debt. In light of this, many super traders religiously follow one trade routine and that is to cut their losses as fast as they can.

If you think that super traders have never lost anything in their lives, you are not cut out to become one. All big traders have suffered losses but it is their ability to pick themselves and cut their losses that has brought them further up in the market. Did you know that many of the super traders in the world suffer 70% of losses but counter their losses with even bigger gains?

Super Traders Are Aware Of the Psyche of Other Traders

If you are a trader in the Forex market, then you must be aware that suffering losses take a toll on your mind, your pride and your ego. Most traders let their losses hurt their pride and ego so bad that they become predictable in the way they trade, incurring losses. So, if you want to become a successful trader, you have to swallow your pride and kill your ego when it comes to Forex trading.

Show No Arrogance in the Market

Super traders are aware of the fact that no one, including themselves, can beat the trading market. So, there is no point in being arrogant with their trades. Plus, arrogance clouds your judgment, something which is important when trading in thousands and millions. So, be humble in your trading and respect the market you are trading in.

All in all, if you analyze and try to grasp the points and knowledge hidden in every feature, it will be but a matter of time before you hit and score a big Forex trade, and that too when a majority of traders lose money in the market. And by reading these points you might establish the fact that there are no secrets behind successful trades. There is only diligence, patience and humbleness of the traders that have led them to earn their status as Super Traders in the Forex market. And you can too if you put your mind and effort into it. You too can get the DNA of a super trader!