Research Reveals Growing Popularity Of Altcoins Amongst Cryptocurrency Holders

• 33% of those with cryptocurrencies have Ether, and 19% hold Litecoin.

• 45% bought altcoins in the past 12 months.

• 63% plan to buy more altcoins over the next 12 months.

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New research from UK based money app Ziglu amongst UK adults with cryptocurrencies, reveals that nearly seven out of ten (68%) own altcoins – cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin.

The findings also reveal there is growing demand for altcoins with 63% of those with cryptocurrencies planning to buy more over the next 12 months, with 40% planning to buy some that they don’t already hold.

The findings reveal that of those Brits with cryptocurrencies, 76% own Bitcoin.

Five of the most popular cryptocurrencies Percentage of UK adults who hold cryptocurrencies who own this cryptocurrency
Bitcoin 76%
Ethereum 33%
Litecoin 19%
Bitcoin Cash 17%
Cardano 15%


In terms of when UK adults with altcoins bought them, 45% say they did so in the past 12 months, and 19% did so between one and two years ago.

Mark Hipperson, Founder and CEO of Ziglu said: “There is no doubt that altcoins are becoming a lot more popular.  We offer a curated range of cryptocurrencies, and at the end of last year almost half of purchases on our platform were to buy Bitcoin.  In August, well over four-fifths of the amount of cryptocurrency purchased were altcoins.  A number of altcoins have enjoyed dramatic growth that has surpassed that of Bitcoin and this has increased their profile.  Ethereum and Cardano have increased in value by over 300% and 1,200% over the course of 2021, compared to growth of over 50% for Bitcoin.” 

Ziglu offers clients access to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Ether, Litecoin, Polkadot, Solana and Tezos.

With no hidden fees or charges, Ziglu is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. It is also one of the world’s first cryptocurrency platforms to comply with the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing standards set by Financial Action Task Force (FATF), implemented in over 200 jurisdictions.