QuantConnect Adds Historical Tick Data to its Free Strategy Backtesting Platform

Trading algorithm backtesting platform providers QuantConnect, who we profiled last month, have just rolled out historical tick data for 5 years of forex and 15 years of U.S. equities for their platform. This is in addition to their existing resources which include FX market data from leading brokerage FXCM and sentiment data from Estimize and StockPulse.

quantconnectscreenQuantconnect offer a free browser-based C# coding environment, with market data and strategy backtesting. Using the platform, programmers can test out trading algorithms on historical market data, using Quantconnect’s considerable cloud computing resources to handle the intensive processing that is involved. This means that a simulation that might take several days to process using a desktop computer can be run in a matter of minutes, allowing algorithm trading strategies to be developed and calibrated much more quickly. This data, along with the algorithms, are stored securely online, protecting the intellectual property of the users of the service.

“We launched QuantConnect with the goal of bringing algorithmic strategies to the mainstream engineer and investor, so they can be empowered with cutting edge investment strategies,” said QuantConnect CEO Jared Broad (pictured) on Tuesday. “By providing a platform with unlimited free financial data, we’re giving access to tools that would typically cost $50,000-$100,000.”

Source: Finovate.com

As well as providing traders with access to a free coding environment, market data, and backtesting facilities, QuantConnect is also establishing a community of quant engineers that will enable them to connect with potential investors, giving them valuable capital to trade with. “We are building a global network of engineers designing diverse new strategies while helping investors across the world earn better returns with the strategies that suit them,” said COO, Shai Rosen. “We are working hard to make our vision a reality by building partnerships with data providers, listening to our Quant community and continuously adding features to our platform.”