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data visualisation and trading image from Nanex

The Emergence of Algorithm Forex Trading

Algorithm trading, or the use of computers to make automated trades on the financial markets, has its roots in the 1970s with the emergence...

QuantConnect Adds Historical Tick Data to its Free Strategy Backtesting Platform

Trading algorithm backtesting platform providers QuantConnect, who we profiled last month, have just rolled out historical tick data for 5 years of forex and...
Quantconnect Algorythm Trading Startup Forex Think

Interview with Jared Broad CEO and Founder QuantConnect

Jared Broad CEO and Founder QuantConnect  is an entrepreneur that has been pushing innovation solutions to help tackle dire humanitarian, business, finance and trading problems....
Quantconnect Gallery Dashboard Forex ThinkQuantconnect Gallery Dashboard Forex Think

QuantConnect – Cloud-Based Open Data Algorithm Trading Service Community

QuantConnect - where cloud computing meets open data for Algorithm Trading. QuantConnect, a radical FinTech open data trading startup was established In 2011 with an ambitious...


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