The 17 Best Apps for Finance


It is true that many investors try not to think about the everyday proceedings and news about what is going on in the markets. However, there are still some who cannot resist the temptation of being in the loop about just about everything and because of these types of efficient traders, there are loads of great financial applications which can help make information simpler and concise. Mentioned below are seventeen of the top applications designed for investors:

1. ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator

At the price of just $2, you can choose to replicate a trading environment or simulate a market crash to check and see whether your trading strategies work or not. The application also provides users historical data and charts to further enhance your practice. It is simply a must-have application.

2. FRED Economic Data

FRED stand for Federal Reserve Economic Data and contains a repository of over 10,000 time series for a plethora of economic data, allowing investors to begin charting over 34,000 data series from anywhere in the world.

3. CNBC Real time

This application is perfect for acquiring real-time data about the financial markets. Plus, you can always catch a missed interview on CNBC. The application also features 24-hour live streaming, pre-market, and futures quotations and a lot more.

4. uValue

uValue is the brilliant work of Aswath Damodaran, a valuation genius at NYU Stern. The application significantly aids in all your valuations processes on your iPad. uValue provides users six models they can use for valuations.

5. NetDania Forex

This app has everything, from live updating quotes, important commodities updates and global stock exchange reports. NetDania is the perfect application for Forex traders. The best feature of the app is you can set NetDania to send you push notifications regarding any important economic news or information released in the market.

6. Daily Stocks

Although Daily Stock is an expensive application ($69.99), it does pack some really mean tools for you to play with. The app is full of volume indicators and also features a stock scan which is based on the pattern of the charts. Using Daily Stocks, you can look for bullish and bearish stock charts.

7. Options Wizard

The Options Wizard is a perceptive application which helps you simplify your potential profits calculations based on your investment or trading strategies.

8. Heat Map

A majority of heat maps you probably see on your TV screen are based on the trading session at that moment. With the Heat Map application, you will be able to view maps created using various metrics. For example, it will help you view which stocks are far from reaching their price average.

9. StockTwits

Another great application which allows you to know what other traders are talking about in the market, you can use the app to determine possible trends and network with other traders.

10. Stock Chart Patterns

If you want to determine stock patterns using unfolding chart patterns, this app is perfect for you as you can use it to look for bullish and or bearish market patterns over the last 10, 5 or 3 days.

11. StockSpy

StockSpy has a really cool charting interface, but it’s also great for market research about individual stocks as it considers all new sources along with investor relation pages and other highly regarded financial websites.

12. Wikinvest Portfolio HD

The Wikinvest Portfolio is a cool application which is designed to directly connect to your brokerage account(s) online. Its features include fly portfolio analytics, valuation metrics and portfolio beta.

13. Kcast Gold Live

The Kcast Gold Live application allows you to view live quotes for precious metals and other valuable commodities. It also gives quotes for major currencies and quotes for mining stocks.

14. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a pretty interesting application which allows you to read important articles about trading. It also lets you look at the prices and also allows you to manage your portfolios.

15. iTrade – Stock Market Simulator

This is a really nice application for rookie investors who want to practice and implement their strategies in real-time. And because of the fact iTrade is a social application, you can compete with other virtual portfolios in real-time.

16. Thomson Reuters Marketboard

The Thomas Reuters Marketboard shows users the performance of stocks worldwide, including all the stock indexes. Plus, the application has a snazzy interface and includes a top stores features called Street Events you can use to read and know about industry conferences and earnings releases. All in all, it is a professional application for professional investors.

17. ChartIQ Pro – Stock Charts and Technical Analysis

This is a great application for making charts on your iPad. You can easily draw charts, like overlay charts, Fibonacci retracements and trend lines.

So, these are some of the top trending applications you can use to enhance your trading and investing.