4 Ways to Build Trust in Your Website Visitors

4 Ways to Build Trust in Your Website Visitors
4 Ways to Build Trust in Your Website Visitors

In the present era, business transactions are usually made in the Internet or online, so businessmen should strive to establish a bond of trust with customers in order to gain their loyalty and maintain a profitable business. Creating such trust, however, is not an easy thing to do, particularly for those in the e-commerce sector or those who are managing websites for their brick and mortar businesses. Among the reasons is that it is hard to engage a customer who has no physical contact with a business.

This lack of “personal touch” makes it hard for online businesses to attract and maintain loyal customers, who could be the best people to refer a website to their friends and family members. All is not lost, however, as there are several proven ways on how an online business can engage with its customers and establish trust and loyal following.

Business owners should carefully plan every aspect of their online operation as this will have an effect on how they develop their relationship with their customers. Every aspect of their website’s design should focus on how to attract their preferred or prospective customers. Among such aspects are a website’s colour scheme and a brand’s voice tone.

Here are four ways online businesses can establish trust:

1.   Testimonials

Businesses should encourage their satisfied customers to write a review of the business as people are usually influenced by the experiences of others and they love reviews. Reviews can also be included in the business’ website to show the trust of current customers to the site. Click here to see an example of customer logos prominently being displayed above the fold of the home page.

Negative reviews should be closely monitored and quickly resolved to avoid disgruntled customers to talk badly about the company. Immediately attending to the concerns of unsatisfied customers will allow them to appreciate the effort and will likely return as repeat customers.

2.   Show your face

Business owners should present the personality of their business on their “About Us” page to provide their customers a “person” to engage with. Staff profiles should also be featured as an engagement strategy. A comprehensive background of the business should be provided, with focus on the social responsibility programs undertaken. Visuals should also be included, if possible.

3.   Interact

Business owners should use their social media channels to effectively build trust in their customers. They should join conversations around their brands to provide a distinct voice to their businesses, and to show their customers that their opinions are valued. Good or bad comments on such social platforms as Facebook and Twitter should also be monitored and answered thoughtfully to help prevent any negative conversation and transform disgruntled customers into happy ones.

4.   Be secure

Online businesses should ensure that their websites are secure as customers are very cautious on providing sensitive information into unsecured sites. They should provide an SSL certificate as proof that their customers’ data are fully encrypted. Business owners should also display all their security badges on their homepage to reassure customers that shopping at their site is safe. This will also boost the customers’ trust in their website, in particular, and their business, in In the present era, business transactions are usually made in the Internet or online, so general.