MahiFX Launches Facebook Friend Trading App


Leading forex broker and platform developer MahiFX have launched a fun new Facebook app designed to illustrate the principles of trading. Instead of using financial instruments such as currencies or equities, it uses something that far more people will be familiar with – namely their friends!

Basically, the new app, entitled ‘Trading Faces’ allows people to ‘trade’ their Facebook friends as if they were currencies – swapping them according to their friend counts with the aim of increasing the final profit. All you have to do is pick out which of your Facebook friends is ‘wealthier’ in terms of friendships, and you will earn the difference, or lose it if you are wrong.

Although the idea of trading your friends might seem a little callous to some – particularly given the prevailing image of city traders as money-mad pirates who see people as little more than numbers on a spreadsheet – it’s all a bit of playful humour intended show that anyone can be a successful Forex trader with a bit of training and the right attitude.

By combining Forex trading with something that everyone can relate to, this app is intended to teach the basics of trading, while demonstrating the ambitious attitude that is required to succeed as a trader. Although the game doesn’t take very long to play, it’s surprisingly addictive, and you can compete either against your own high score or against those of others.

The app is completely free, and is available via Facebook and the MahiFX website ( It’s compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The game receives the data it needs from the Facebook API, which allows it to access the names, friend counts, pictures, and avatars of the people in your personal network for use within the game. Other features include the ability to share your results on your Facebook timeline, giving you the opportunity to draw friends into the game and compete with them.

So while MahiFX are not suggesting that you should literally start trading your friends in for more popular ones, it’s a fun metaphor for how the markets work, giving a demonstration of how you can make money from becoming an astute trader.