2024 Predictions For Digital Assets By The CEO Of Bitstamp

Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux, CEO of Bitstamp predicts some trends for digital assets in 2024.

2024 Predictions For Digital Assets By The CEO Of Bitstamp

Establishing trust in crypto sphere

The pursuit of a transparent, secure, and regulated crypto sphere signifies a maturation of the cryptocurrency market, as stakeholders increasingly recognize the importance of balancing innovation with responsible governance.

Whilst 2023 began with the battle of the crypto winter, 2024 signals the beginning of a new era for crypto – one that is transparent, secure, and regulated. As an industry, we’re turning the page on bad actors and setbacks for the industry that have slowed progress and shaken trust“, says Jean.

Policy and regulation for crypto sphere

Regulating the crypto sphere has become a focal point in the global financial landscape, as governments and regulatory bodies strive to bring order to the burgeoning world of digital assets. The aim is to establish clear guidelines and frameworks that address issues such as investor protection, financial stability, and the prevention of illicit activities.

Looking ahead, the EU MiCA regulation will fully come into play in 2024, revolutionising the crypto landscape by providing clarity to institutional investors who are looking to embrace digital assets“, says Jean.

The mainstream adoption of crypto

As more individuals, businesses, and institutional investors recognize the benefits of cryptocurrencies, including decentralization, borderless transactions, and potential financial inclusivity, the once-niche market is moving into the mainstream.

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF will offer a familiar entry point to crypto for those who have been watching from the sideline, helping to support our goal of mainstream adoption. Furthermore, the upcoming Bitcoin Halving and expanding use cases of blockchain technology further serve as a testament to the promising landscape and opportunities ahead“, says Jean.

Tokenisation may also take a greater precedence next year, as we’ll begin to see expansion into other assets – such as art, cars and even real estate being traded on-chain – making investing in crypto more accessible and markets more liquid. As tokenisation continues to see interest from traditional finance titans, we’ll begin to see more and more assets being made available through this virtual investment vehicle.

Our focus at Bitstamp forges ahead as we innovate new ways to serve our customers. We will continue to develop essential products, deliver exceptional customer service, and strengthen trust in the industry, doing our part to make it more accessible, safe and reliable than ever“, says Jean.