5 iPhone Apps for Forex Traders


As the most profitable platform for app developers, it should come as no surprise to find that there are now over a million different apps in Apple’s App Store for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Among these, there are a significant number of free and paid apps aimed at online forex traders. In many cases, the best apps are free, which bucks the overall trend for iOS apps. Here are five of the best:



As one of the leading financial news providers, Bloomberg is often the first place that traders, from professional day traders at top investment banks and hedge funds to part-time retail traders, will look to see what is going on in the markets. And, as you might expect, their iPhone app is extremely well executed, providing a slick, easy to use, and bug-free way to access the latest market news, views, and analysis.

Oanda FxTrade


Although most of the major forex broker now offer their own app, Oanda’s offering is one that stands out from the pack in terms of ease of use and simplicity. With a clean, all-black interface, it’s easy to find the markets and charts that you need to make trades. These are all linked up to your demo or live trading account with Oanda, and you can set up fairly complex trade orders including stop  losses and profit targets, as well as trading different time frames, fairly easily using the touch screen.



This free app provides a graphical representation of all the major forex pairings and cross-currency pairings, showing their recent movements in a number of different ways. While it doesn’t provide trading functionality, the visualisation tree gives traders a menu of unique perspectives on the movements and trends of currency pairs, giving them new insights into existing and potential trades.




This adaptation of the ForexYard desktop trading platform is one of the most popular of its type for the iPhone, providing relatively advanced functionality for a smartphone-friendly app, while managing to pull off the feat of being remarkably easy to use. It contains most of the features you might need when trading currencies, including stop-loss orders, chart indicators, real-time quotes, and currency overviews, giving you a powerful range of tools for forex trading on the move.

iCurrency Plus



Available as a paid version and a cut-down free version, this app provides price updates and a large variety of charts and graphs for over a hundred currencies, making it easy to see which currencies are moving and in what direction. Changing currencies and timeframes couldn’t be easier, and it can also be set up to give push notifications to alert you to any drastic changes to the currencies that you are tracking.