The Most Traded Markets & Shares CFDs in the UK

– The most frequently traded instrument and share in the UK is Natural Gas and Tesla CFDs, according to data by global fintech group Plus500.

– Indexes are the most popular instruments in the UK, comprising half of the ten most traded nationally.

The Most Traded Markets & Shares CFDs in the UK

The UK’s ten most traded shares include auto manufacturing, technology, cryptocurrency, pharmaceutical, energy, and consumer discretionary companies – none of which are UK-based

Tesla is the most traded share across the United Kingdom, according to new +Insights data from May 1, 2022, until April 30, 2023.

The data, extracted from Plus500′s new and exclusive trading feature, +Insights, sheds light on the most traded instruments on Plus500’s CFD trading platform over the past 12 months.

From May to April, the UK’s most traded instrument is Natural Gas CFDs, and its most traded share is Tesla. The second and third most-traded instruments are Oil and NASDAQ 100 CFDs. Amazon and NIO are the second and third most-traded shares.

Among the UK’s ten most actively traded shares throughout the past 12 months, the majority are technology and auto manufacturing companies, occupying six places. No UK-based companies appear in the national top ten.

The top 10 most traded shares and instruments in the United Kingdom
Rank Shares Instruments
#1 Tesla Natural Gas
#2 Amazon Oil
#4 Coinbase GBP/USD
#5 Meta (Facebook) Gold
#6 Apple USA 500
#7 Snap Germany 40
#8 Aurora UK 100
#9 Rivian EUR/USD
#10 Uniper USA 30


The UK’s top ten stocks consist of three auto manufacturing companies: Tesla, NIO, and Rivian; three technology stocks: Meta, Apple, Snap; one consumer discretionary stock: Amazon; one cryptocurrency company: Coinbase; one pharmaceutical, Aurora; one energy stock; Uniper.

UK investors favoured indexes, comprising half the country’s ten most traded instruments, followed by two energy (natural gas and oil), two currencies (GBP/USD and EUR/USD), and gold.

According to a study of the most traded instruments in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, the UK is the only country of five to rank UK 100, Coinbase, and Rivian among its top ten. Besides the UK, Italy is the only country with GBP/USD in its top ten most traded instruments.