#FXdebates: A Forex Education Initiative

Bloomberg has been pushing thought leadership to a new level with all their editorial strategy. Recently they have been pushing the high sensitive FX debate and joining the global experts in the area in engaging conferences.

Last year, Saxo Capital Markets UK announced its collaboration with Bloomberg LINK to launch the #FXdebates: Trading Insights from our Top Analysts” – a collection of informative articles for an e-book covering the latest trends in the Foreign Exchange market.

Forex-Strategy-IntelligentHQThe series culminates into an event that will take place on Wednesday March 13th at the British Museum.  Some of the most serious participants in foreign exchange markets will gather in London’s British Museum to hear several of the world’s most influential strategists and analysts.

Over the last four months, the series of articles  focused on trends in currency movements and pairings, the challenges affecting FX traders and advice on key trading strategies.

Discussed were topics of currency movements and pairings, the challenges that forex traders face, of key trading strategies; the Gold as a currency; the Euro in Crises; on Yuan Diplomacy, etc.

You can tune in to follow the debates on Twitter – just look for the #FXDebates hashtag. Commenting on the series, Torben Kaaber, CEO Saxo Capital Markets UK, said:

“This series aims to look at Foreign Exchange in what has been a particularly turbulent and fascinating time. The development of the Euro crisis and tough economic times will present huge challenges, but also a myriad of opportunities for Forex traders. This means that it is increasingly important for followers of the FX market to be well informed; we hope that this series and our partnership with Bloomberg will make this accessible to the broadest audience.”

With the FXDebates, Saxo now indicates a strong intent to better educate traders and prepare them better for the dynamic world of currency exchange.  Saxo is not the first company to get more involved in forex education: Oanda has been active with various initiatives related to Forex education and thought leadership such the Forex Labs blog. The other major player FXCM has been a leading provider of FX educational resources and events for quite some time

With the looming threat of a global currency war and increasing volatility on the FX scene, what an exciting time to be launching the first #FXDebates Summit.

To get a sneak preview of the #FXDebates Summit, TradingFloor.com a Saxo portal, will be publishing a series of special interviews with FX experts attending the event. The #FXDebates offer players in the FX market a unique opportunity to hear – but also to get heard.