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Global Forex Trading Markets – GFT Markets 15 years of a global online trading company!

Global Forex Trading – GFT Markets was founded 15 years ago by Gary Tilkin, the president and chief executive officer of this global online trading company.  Mr Tilkin launched GFT  from the basement of his Michigan home.  At the time it was one of the first companies in the USA to offer online currency trading, also known as Forex trading. Today the company offers clients multiple ways to access global markets and it is one of the biggest global players in the trading industry.

Global Forex Trading, the US-based world-leading currency, CFDs, multi-asset and spread betting online trading dealer, serves a global customer base in more than 120 countries from its headquarters in Michigan, and additional offices in New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Sydney. This advantage allows GFT Global Markets to leverage the same pioneering trading technology and dealing practices that GFT has employed since 1997.

GFT Markets serves both retail and institutional forex traders global and has a strong presence in key capital markets locations. With its DealBook® trading platform, it offers 24-hour dealing operations, and 24/7 customer service in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, Russian.GFT-Dealbook-Platform

GFT Markets prides itself on adhering to the highest levels of customer service and integrity in the online trading industry. GFT global offers Stocks, Energy Commodities, CFDs, FX Options, Metals, Oil, Commodities, Indexes, Binaries, Indices, Spread Betting. It offers spread betting for UK customers and CFDs for customers in the UK, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East. The company is regulated by different international organisations: FSA (Japan), NFA CFTC, DGCX, DMCC, ASIC, FSA (UK), MAS, Business Nature.

Being able to trade foreign exchange, contracts for difference, forex options, binaries or spread bets with the same provider means it is a true “one-stop shop”.  Combined with extensive education from in-house experts and up-to-the minute news and commentary from its influential parent site  GFT are able to cater for the various needs of most traders.

In the United Kingdom GFT Global Markets is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  GFT Global Markets UK Ltd (GFT Global Markets) provides full-service derivatives trading to individual and institutional customers throughout the world.

GFT Markets forex trading news, education and research vehicle

KATHYOwner of a top level research offer with,  GFT Markets has been in the last years emerging in the trading forex research offering traders worldwide a solid platform to get insights, education and news to better perform their trading. is one of the top forex trading research and news website in parallel with from FXCM, and from Saxo Bank. is an online project by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, Directors of Currency Research at GFT and offers a substancial amount of premium news, research, education and forex related information.

GFT-FX360FX360’s mission is to provide visitors with one-stop access to the meticulous research and knowledgeable market analysis . In addition to extensive daily commentary on the movements in the foreign exchange market, the following are some other resources you’ll find at

  • Intraday research and comment updates from Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg deliver professional outlooks and opinions as the market changes throughout the day;
  • Get basic and advanced technical analysis reports, twice a day, written in an easy to understand format;
  • Real-time quoteboard offers  key quotes for currencies, oil, gold as well as international equities so you always have the latest price information – much better than the 10-minute delayed data indicative of other websites and portals;
  • Real-time, price charts for oil and gold markets, which typically provide you with a leading indicator for the direction of other major markets streaming videos of the latest business news from around the world to further enhance your trading analysis;
  • Major articles that represent on-going themes in the global financial world, including economic policies and government decisions that could affect the markets and your trading decisions.

GFT Markets online trading product portfolio

GFT Markets has one of the leading industry trading platforms award-winning DealBook® trading platform. With an offer of a demo account of $50,000 the platform has a strong multi-asset offer that starts with forex trading. Recently the company has expanded its product offer. Binaries are the latest addition to the GFT Markets online trading product portfolio. The platform emphasises user experience and visual trading. The deal-wheel is an example of this – a countdown tool that shows the seconds before expiry of markets.

The Company offers short-term trades at five-minute, 20-minute and hourly intervals, as well as mid-session and daily markets. Across all categories available, that adds up to more than 6000 binary trades a day. Inherent to binaries is the ability to know your maximum profit and loss upfront – something that should attract traders both new and experienced.

iPad version of its award-winning DealBook® trading platform

In January the company launched an iPad version of its award-winning DealBook® trading platform. The free app, “DealBook® for iPad,” is part of a complete suite of trading products including DealBook® 360, DealBook® WEB, and DealBook® Mobile. GFT-Markets-Launches-iPad-DealBook-Trading-Platform-2

DealBook® for iPad features full-screen charting which allows traders to expand the chart, access drawing tools, add indicators and set alarms. Traders also have the ability to view real-time quotes in one of three views.

Qualified customers can watch real-time news via CNBC TV streaming video. DealBook 360 was the original – a solid, desktop-based platform that can be configured to give traders the look and feel they want.

DealBook Web is a web-based solution giving you the freedom to trade from any computer whilst DealBook Mobile does exactly what it says on the label.

GFT Markets Awards and Industry mentions

A global leader and market maker in currency and derivative trading GFT Markets has received some important industry awards. In 2011 its DealBook platform has received the prestigious award for “Best Online Trading Platform” by Shares Magazine, the leading weekly publication for active traders in the United Kingdom.  DealBook has previously won Shares Awards for “Best Product of the Year – 2009,” “Best Active Trading Tools – 2008,” and “Best Product of the Year – 2007.” Additionally, GFT won “Best Foreign Exchange Broker” from Shares in 2006.

In addition to the Shares Awards, GFT Markets has won major awards around the world for its products and services, including MoneyAM Best Online Overseas Trading Platform 2010, MoneyAM Best Online charts – DealBook® WEB 2009, IBTimes Best Forex Education Provider Award 2011, IBTimes Customer Service Excellence Award 2011, IBTimes  Forex Broker Japan Excellence Award 2011, and The Bull Stockies Award for Best Forex Broker 2011.

Feedback and Sentiment online has been positive “Users I have spoken to all say the same – no slippage except in fast moving markets when dealing from price ticket. All orders get filled without slippage. The chart cannot be slowed down as per most spreadbetters sites but is always actual real time. They can accept automatic trading from likes of Tradestation or Metatrade”.

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