#FXDebates video: Will the Euro stumble?

The recent turbulence and the past bailout in Cyprus has opened a new chapter in the Currency, forex exchange chapter. Traders are increasingly moving in a volatile market where the presence of currency wars, or some stress between currencies are over the edge. The Eurozone crisis as precipitated markets for a sort of collapse of confidence in the single Euro currency never witnessed before. The gradual realisation of the Eurozone economy special south Europe has caused investors to reassess the risks to their portfolios and special to question the Euro longevity.

Saxo Capital Markets UK, the Uk division of Saxo Bank, the multi-asset online trading and investment specialist, has been displaying a series of conferences with Forex thought leaders about the challenges in the present turbulent currency markets in partnership with Bloomberg.

Lars Seier Christensen, co-CEO of Saxo Bank, has put some fire on this talk questioning the future of the Euro. In a talk that opened on the 7th of May the debate with a speech on the Eurozone, he talked about the outlook for the single currency and whether the notion that the Eurozone is “irreversible” is now broken.

This conference was followed by a panel discussion moderated by other financial and forex exchange industry experts such as Allister Heath, Editor, City AM including John Hardy, Head of FX Strategy, Saxo Bank, Geoffrey Yu, FX Strategist, UBS, Stephen Jen, Managing Director, SLJ Macro Partners and Valentin Marinov, Director, Head of European G10 FX Strategy, CitiFX.

The event has been exploring the opportunities that the crisis presents to traders; Rakesh Shah, Managing Director at Kingly Capital presented on tactical trading steps and break out confirmation techniques.

Allister Heath, the british financial disruptor and Editor of City AM, has commented on the subject that the Euro will not survive in the long term as it is not an optimal currency area. In his own words:

“I don’t think many of the member states have the political will to push through the radial free market reforms that will be required to make it work. So I’ve very pessimistic about the single currency’s long term future,” he said at the Saxo #FXDebates event in London on May 7.

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