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Whether you like it or not, the trading platform is the bridge connecting you as a trader to the global financial markets. As a result, you’ll need to have access to some of the best trading software and is one of the brokers which truly understands this aspect.

Trading platforms for any trader

Willing to leave its mark on how you can trade effectively, the company had built a platform from scratch, resulting in a proprietary web trading platform, designed for quick execution in a fast trading environment. The web platform offers access to all 2,100+ trading instruments and it has everything expected from a bespoke built platform for you to build and manage a portfolio with assets from 7 different classes.

Two versions of MetaTrader 4 enrich the FINQ financial thinking. The traditional mt4 platform, as well as the mt4 web version, enable you to trade over 370 assets covering 5 different classes: global equities, bonds, indices, and commodities.

It is one of the few brokers which had implemented a web version of mt4, in order to satisfy clients who enjoy using it directly from a browser, without having to install any software.

The offer is completed by the mobile version of the Web platform, which offers full functionality on your trading account. The app is prioritizing speed, allowing you to make changes to your account, make deposits and withdrawal requests, without having to log in from a browser. web platform. Source: web platform. Source:

Education and keeping clients informed

Besides the preoccupation with the platform, excels when it comes to offering high-quality education. The Education Center is packed with comprehensive videos, helping aspiring traders to gain valuable knowledge about the financial markets.

The market outlook section offers each day a short but complete video about how some of the most important assets performed, as well as what important economic indicators should be watched in the following day.

Global market news is constantly added on the page, keeping you updated with the latest important developments from the financial industry. There you will find valuable information about stock markets, commodities, forex, and many other categories.

With the coverage of the most important events, is able to help its clients react rapidly to fast-changing environments, and eventually, help them to spot and profit from trading opportunities that will show up as a result.