Daniel Calugar Discusses What You Can Do with a Computer Science Degree

Computer science is one of the most sought-after college degrees today, with so many companies clamoring for employees who can program. As investor Daniel Calugar explains, there are many jobs you can get with a computer science degree.

Candidates who have a computer science degree often find themselves in high demand, and as a result, they can command a high salary. Here are some jobs where a degree in computer science is very valuable. 

Software Engineer

In this job, you will be responsible for writing code that forms the backbone of software programs and applications that run everything from a company’s back-end operations to forward-facing consumer products.

You can start on the ground level writing basic code, and then work your way up to managing a project from start to finish.

Data Scientist

So much data is being created every second, and someone has to have the ability to gather it, translate it, and put it into use. This is the challenge that data scientists tackle.

They build the systems that will collect and store the data and then process it to be analyzed. Ultimately, they will help support other departments who will take the analysis and put it into action. 

Cybersecurity Specialist

There are many obvious benefits to having so much connected to the internet nowadays. The downside is the increased opportunities for hackers to steal people’s personal information.

Cybersecurity specialists are charged with protecting a company’s server and network from bad actors who seek to steal their data. They create encryption software and firewalls to serve as barriers to unauthorized entry.

Some specialists will conduct security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in systems and determine a company’s risk. If a breach does happen, these people will be in charge of fixing the problem, getting everything back online, and then figuring out how to prevent future attacks.

User Experience Researcher

Businesses today spend much of their time improving the user experience or UX. UX researchers are responsible for determining the quality of a company’s UX related to their products or services and making improvements where needed.

These workers will be responsible for improving the usability of a product while it’s in the development stages. They may be responsible for testing whether added features make the product more enjoyable or easier to use.

As Dan Calugar explains, this can be quite a fun job, depending on your interests. You could test everything from toys to computer software to video games.

Product Manager

IT projects can be complicated, involving many parts, many phases, and many people. Someone has to ensure everything is moving along smoothly, and that is the job of a product manager.

These people have the responsibility of overseeing a project from start to finish. They help teams stay on task and hit benchmarks while reporting between teams to see a project through.

This position can be one of the most rewarding for people with a computer science degree and one of the highest paying. 

About Daniel Calugar

Daniel Calugar is a versatile and experienced investor with a computer science, business, and law background. He developed a passion for investing while working as a pension lawyer and leveraged his technical capabilities to write computer programs that helped him identify more profitable investment strategies. When Dan Calugar is not working, he enjoys working out and being with friends and family, and volunteering with Angel Flight.