Crypto Exchange To Give Traders an All-in-One Advantage

Crypto Exchange To Give Traders an All-in-One Advantage

After entering the market as a peer-to-peer marketplace with wallet support for over 40 altcoins, South-African-based Coindirect has now released an integrated trading exchange. This new tool will give advanced traders everything they need and more to make Coindirect their preferred cryptocurrency trading platform.

Coindirect is aiming to disrupt the financial sector in the Africa region; believing there is an apparent growing demand for cryptocurrency in this market. However, this demand is largely being ignored by most within the industry despite being the second fastest growing economy in the world.

The newly launched exchange will feature a real-time order book, trade history and advanced charting functionality. It has the ability to aggregate the best price for the same coin off multiple exchanges, giving users the best price available. With a simple yet effective user experience for desktop and mobile, placing orders is as easy as you wished it would be. The exchange also comes with a world-class complete API and the team is looking to release even more features in the near future.

Coindirect have also created additional wallet support for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Omni, US Tether (USDT) and ERC20 altcoins. The exchange will feature a series of South African Rand pairs, USD Tether pairs and Crypto pairs for traders to work with.

This advanced exchange has now completed Coindirect’s 3-prong offering, along with their wallet and local peer-to-peer marketplaces. The free wallet feature is a quick and convenient coin convert option, while the marketplace boasts a 0% fee on buying or selling bitcoin.

Jesse Hemson-Struthers, CEO of Coindirect comments: “We’ve always aimed at simplifying user journeys within the cryptocurrency space, and this newly launched exchange means our customers are able to go to Coindirect for whatever their cryptocurrency needs may be. The full-service platform now offers everything from converting fiat currency to bitcoin, to doing daily altcoin trading.”

After a complete rebrand and the recent exchange launch, the Coindirect team has a number of exciting announcements still planned in their pipeline. Each update will be announced on its newly formed Telegram group where the community is able to get an inside track on platform updates and company news.

Coindirect believes that there is exponential opportunities for cryptocurrency to revolutionise the financial sector in Africa and that it is up to those within the region to drive this forward.

Stephen Young, CPO of Coindirect says: “We’ve seen the continent essentially leapfrog traditional banking through newer mobile technologies, making it well placed for widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. There’s an exciting opportunity to put an open access, secure and private decentralised financial system in the hands of emerging African economies.”

With a well-rounded product that covers numerous elements of the cryptocurrency experience, Coindirect has found a unique niche in a complicated and sometimes crowded space. The platform has made it simple with a single destination for buying, selling, sending, receiving, converting and now trading over 40 altcoins.

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