Cockpit Social media Investment platform


Getting the most out of your stock trading and investments means having the tools necessary to quickly evaluate your holdings and take advantage of upcoming opportunities that allow you as the investor to broaden your portfolio and increase your earnings. Now there is a new cloud-based application that creates a dashboard which incorporates not only your stock trading, but social trading features that allows your investment online resources to be accessed quickly while including important data on the markets, stocks, FX and commodity quotes that you need to make the best decisions about your investments. This new product is known as “Cockpit”.


Developed by EuroInvestor, a Danish investment news platform that centers on the financial world is also partially owned by the large trading giant Saxo Bank. The Cockpit platform creates a user-friendly dashboard that incorporates all the information you need to help you keep track of your investment online portfolio while offering the latest financial news as well. This socially enhanced platform can be customized to allow you to see the information you want without being overwhelmed by other information that you are not interested in currently.

The cloud-based app dashboard integrates important social features as well so it can be accessed by numerous mobile devices that have a connection to the internet. So now you can get the financial information you need from your mobile device no matter where you are as long as you are connected to the internet.

Furthermore, these socially incorporated features include sharing the screen with your friend through email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin that allows you to get real time information and share it immediately. Such innovation helps bring your stock trading into the 21st century. The Cockpit was created to allow the serious investor easy access to all the information they need to make smart decisions based on the latest information. Furthermore, the additional social trading features help to coordinate all of this information quickly for desktops, laptops and smaller mobile devices such at tablets, though currently the iPad is not part of the Cockpit system because of the built-in Flash that is required, but future models of the Cockpit may be incorporated on the iPad due to its sheer popularity.

Stock trading in the 21st century requires having the best information available to allow the investor to make quick, smart decisions about their investment online portfolios. Cockpit is simply the latest advancement which effectively coordinates this information into a simple, easy to use dashboard that is highly reliable, easy to understand and quick to use. Combining social trading with stock trading and allowing you to speak to other investors through a variety of social networks while at the same time evaluating the latest financial news gives users of the Cockpit a powerful advantage in making smarter, quicker decisions that might mean the difference between cashing in on a golden opportunity or missing out and potentially losing money.

The Cockpit is the 21st century advancement that the serious investor has been looking for to help manage their financial portfolio.