Bryan Legend on Educating Future Generations: It’s Not All About College Degrees

Bryan Legend is a man of modest origins. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade and worked several jobs to make ends meet before he began his entrepreneurial journey. With no real qualifications or college degree, he tested the waters in industries including transport, digital marketing, and telecom before finally finding his feet in the world of crypto — all without a higher education. He encourages budding entrepreneurs to follow their passion by tapping into their individual potential instead of falling into the 9-5 narrative of ‘working for the man’. Exploring whether a degree is necessary is vital to deciding the correct career path.

Image provided by Bryan Legend

“It’s about time we begin approaching the necessity of educational qualifications on a case-by-case basis,” Legend said. “If I go to see a doctor, I sure hope he has a college degree, but many career paths available to young people todayCollege Degrees do not require the strain or the notorious financial debt that comes with acquiring a college degree.”

Bryan Legend is proof of that. In just a few years, his work has driven some extraordinary innovations in the crypto space, including Clever DeFi, a form of decentralized financing that created the concept of automatic interest in cryptocurrencies in 2020.

While the dynamic nature of the market led to Clever DeFi ultimately folding, it created the foundations for secure crypto investments for the very first time and helped to assure returns for investors — this, Legend says, is what has defined his career. More recently, he introduced the Safuu Protocol, a sound crypto investment proving to be a sustainable instrument with over 100,000 investors strong.

As the value versus cost of a college degree for the younger generation has become more of a hot topic, Bryan Legend weighed in on the subject in a recent interview with Forbes.

The Classic ‘College Dropout’ Entrepreneur

There’s no shortage of entrepreneurial figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who fit the classic college dropout entrepreneur stereotype. Many people have found success without a college degree, and this has changed the sentiment that higher education is a necessary precursor to a good outcome in one’s professional life.

Bryan Legend also fits this stereotype. Like Zuckerberg and Gates, he, jaded by the educational system, turned his back on a high school education in the 10th grade and never even considered the prospect of attending college. Like many successful entrepreneurs, he understands that education doesn’t necessarily have to come from a degree program.

Bryan Legend is a native Australian, who was born and raised in Brisbane. He has now embarked on a journey to inspire the younger generation of budding entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their goals without first suffering through several years of a potentially unnecessary college education.

“Holding firm to the idea that a formal education and degrees are the standard for success needs to be reexamined,” he told Forbes. “Still, demonizing getting degrees should undoubtedly be avoided because success means different things to different people.”

A ‘Typical Rags-to-Riches Scenario’

Bryan Legend acknowledged in the Forbes interview that some might view his lack of a high school diploma or college degree as a disadvantage, he says it hasn’t held him back.

“It gave me a hunger that most others could not match. I decided to push myself as much as possible and see how far I could go. My first few jobs were in sales, and I discovered something new about myself; that I had more of an entrepreneurial hunger and drive. It turned out that I had a special gift of marketing and negotiation, and that gift has been primarily responsible for my business success.”

One of his earliest business successes was Twilx, a digital advertising firm that became one of the pioneers in search engine optimization and social media marketing.

“I eventually harnessed my love for technology and innovation and my strong desire to make a lot of money and got into cryptocurrency in the early stages,” Legend shares. This led to him founding Safuu, which to date has been one of his most successful ventures.

At the Center of the Action

Leaving school early didn’t mean Legend stopped learning. He just realised he’d be more productive being his own boss. He worked for years on “self-development” until he uncovered a talent for sales and marketing, which translated to success in the cryptocurrency space.

“The relevance of this technology was what beckoned me more than anything else. As an entrepreneur, I always wanted to be at the center of the action, and cryptocurrency appeared to be where the action was happening,” he explained.

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at cryptocurrency is how unsustainable many blockchain projects are. They use a lot of energy, but Bryan Legend’s entrepreneurial spirit found a solution to this: Safuu. “Safuu is my solution for that singular problem.”

Safuu — which stands for sustainable asset fund for universal users — is a DeFi protocol that utilizes the blockchain by automatically distributing set interest payments using crypto. It was designed with concepts that ensure sustainability and long-term profitability for the platform.

Bryan Legend explains that auto-staking and auto-compounding are integrated through rebasing. This means that the circulating token supply increases or decreases automatically according to a token’s price fluctuations. This sustainable mechanism delivers the highest annual percentage yield while simultaneously considering ways to remain profitable as it scales. “This built-in mechanism is mainly responsible for why our users trust it so much.”

At the Top Without a Top Degree

The crypto space is very complex and volatile. When asked why it’s possible that somebody without a high school education or college degree can sit at the top of it, Bryan Legend pointed to the fact that it’s not as if there are many crypto-based diplomas on offer.

“The world is one big school. The internet is loaded with information and determination has a lot more bearing on success than degrees. The best thing gained from school is literacy. After that, it is really up to the individual. Obviously, there are people who need to get degrees, but for entrepreneurs like myself, it’s often more to do with street smarts, determination, and a healthy dose of self-belief.”

Legend’s advice comes with caveats. He’s certainly not saying no one should go to university. He’s simply pointing out that there are paths other than academics that lead to success and holds himself up as a prime example. “My primary concern is for those youth who cannot afford to go to school. I want them to realize that they have innate smarts and that if they are determined, they can succeed even more than I have,” Legend concluded.