Bitsgap’s Overview: Your Ultimate Crypto Trading Terminal with Bots

Bitsgap is a top cryptocurrency aggregator and trading platform, integrating over 15 distinct exchanges into a single, cohesive interface. The platform houses an advanced trading terminal, comprehensive charting and analytical capabilities, as well as smart orders and automation, providing the ultimate toolkit for capitalizing on crypto volatility regardless of market conditions.

At Bitsgap, security is paramount. Since inception in 2017, it has maintained an impeccable track record with no instances of hacking or data breaches. The platform places a high emphasis on the security of assets and personal information, implementing cutting-edge security protocols, strong encryption, two-factor authentication, and additional safety measures to provide the highest level of protection. Choosing Bitsgap means enjoying a superior cryptocurrency trading experience with the added comfort of knowing that your funds and information are in safe hands.

Now, let’s explore Bitsgap’s capabilities that enable traders of all levels to trade crypto and maximize their gains in this highly volatile environment:

Bitsgap’s Overview: Your Ultimate Crypto Trading Terminal with Bots

Smart trading terminal

Bitsgap provides a robust multi-exchange terminal for executing sophisticated trades and managing positions. The platform unlocks complex order types not readily accessible on individual exchanges, including TWAP, OCO, and customizable Stop Losses/Take Profits.

With the ability to scale orders across varying price levels, set advanced contingencies, and implement protections against volatility, Bitsgap grants traders the flexibility and freedom to capitalize on any market movement.

Sophisticated trading bots for all market conditions

Bitsgap delivers advanced automation for executing strategies aligned with trader risk appetites and market conditions. Accessible trading bots remove manual efforts around execution.

For spot markets, Bitsgap provides an array of bots — BTD for dip-buying, sideways market, and incremental DCA for clear trends. Traders of perpetual futures can use automated leverage trading with a specialized version of the DCA, tailored for futures markets, or by employing the hybrid COMBO bot that merges both GRID and DCA strategies.

Whether targeting dips, peaks, or range volatility, Bitsgap’s algorithms enable hands-free automation calibrated for different opportunities.

The platform’s automations afford set-and-forget simplicity without sacrificing sophistication in execution.

Professional-grade market analysis and charting

Bitsgap delivers institutional-grade charting and indicators through integrated TradingView charts. Traders gain insights from multiple time frames with customizable layouts to visualize market movements. Bitsgap’s proprietary Technical Analysis Widget then synthesizes signals across key metrics into an aggregated score suggesting overall trend bias. Traders can evaluate this machine-generated guidance alongside traditional indicators.

Whether discretionary or systematic, analysis informs strategy. So Bitsgap provides the same capabilities leveraged by hedge funds to individual traders — encompassing everything from candlestick charts to momentum oscillators

Risk-free trial & paper trading for strategy development

Interested traders can explore Bitsgap’s capabilities through a 7-day free PRO trial granting full-platform access. The demo trading mode further enables practice executing strategies and orders using virtual funds without real money risks. Between trial and paper trading, Bitsgap affords traders an extended runway for testing strategies and honing skills before putting capital on the line. Develop conviction in your approach before facing real market heat.

Bitsgap’s affiliate program

Bitsgap empowers users to leverage their social reach through its affiliate program — creating potential to monetize audiences by sharing Bitsgap. By providing a personalized referral link and promoting Bitsgap across blogs, social platforms, or direct outreach, any approved affiliate earns attractive commissions from converted signups. Рartners earn 30% of the amount the company receives into their account.

So whether you’re an influencer, crypto expert, or simply active online — you can earn supplemental income from spreading the word.

Flexible subscription plans with exclusive promotions

When ready to upgrade, users can select one of three tiered plans — Basic, Advanced, or PRO — that scale in capabilities and discounts. Cryptocurrency payment options provide additional flexibility.

Bitsgap also frequently runs special promotions across its social channels for community members to win free and discounted subscriptions just by participating.

Between regular contests and special signup deals, new Bitsgap traders receive various perks and bonuses for joining. And subscribers unlock higher rebates and additional features as they scale through higher tiers over time based on changing needs.

Future-proof platform constantly evolving

As a trader-centric company, Bitsgap remains obsessively focused on elevating capabilities over time per user feedback. It continually integrate the most in-demand features and exchanges to match current market needs. This year alone Bitsgap plans to rollout new trading bot upgrades, interface revamps, cool mobile app, and exchange partnerships. Supporting perpetual innovation ensures Bitsgap users stay ahead of trends.

How Do You Get Started with Bitsgap?

Getting started takes just minutes after signing up and connecting your preferred exchange accounts via encrypted API keys. Bitsgap currently integrates all major exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, KuCoin, OKX, Bybit, and others. While the process proves straightforward, Bitsgap provides extensive documentation walking new users through each step — from exchange connections to bot setups. The transparent helpdesk answers common questions for a smooth onboarding.


In an often complex and volatile crypto asset market, Bitsgap provides traders an intuitive yet powerful platform to effectively analyze, execute, and automate sophisticated strategies across exchanges. The Bitsgap terminal democratizes industrial-grade tools to let all traders implement institutional-caliber techniques on crypto markets. No prior coding or specialized knowledge required. By integrating top venues and capabilities tailored for both novices and pros, Bitsgap levels the playing field for traders of all backgrounds.