Rebrand: Revised Brand Voice Aims To Help New Users Better Navigate The Bitcoin Space Rebrand: Revised Brand Voice Aims To Help New Users Better Navigate The Bitcoin Space Rebrand: Revised Brand Voice Aims To Help New Users Better Navigate The Bitcoin Space

Cryptocurrency domain has revealed a rebrand which includes a new logo, color palette, and brand voice. Summarizing the objective behind it, CEO Roger Ver said, “The rebrand is a bold new chapter for It’s an invitation to everyone out there: let our products show you how economic freedom can empower you.”

In a blog post announcing the rebrand, the company stated that its previous focus had been on encouraging users to discover a fairer financial system. It did this by creating tools and products that enabled its audience to use Bitcoin as a global digital currency in the form of Bitcoin Cash. Head of Design Andrew Todd explained, “Bitcoin is designed to be useable and accessible for all. Our new color palette, in addition to our products and tools, reflects that principle.

“Reimagining our brand, we took a step back and identified our values. With universal accessibility being our most important value, we set out to create a color palette that would not only resonate with people and help create a lasting identity, but would work seamlessly across devices, in different environments, and for people with visual impairments.

 “Our new logo also exemplifies accessibility. It consists of bold and legible ‘’ logotype paired with a clean grid of blocks, which is representative of the intended scalable nature of Bitcoin blocks themselves. Color-wise, we have the brightest green moving in an upward-right trajectory, showing constant growth. This is finished by tight kerning of the lettering, reinforcing the solidity of our brand.”

The company also communicated that the new logo aims to help clarify that is a separate entity from the different Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, aiming to prevent any potential user confusion resulting from the domain name.

In addition to the redesign, has also announced a shift in its brand voice. The purpose behind this is to aid new users who are looking to get started within the Bitcoin space, with a focus on making complex Bitcoin concepts simpler and product marketing more relatable. Furthermore, the company’s educational section has been overhauled to improve accessibility for individuals, businesses, and developers. has confirmed that the rebrand, which will be gradually rolled out to the entirety of its domain, will not impact any existing products and services that the company offers. The new brand assets for use in press and media are available to download directly from the site.