AMarkets launches mobile trading through its new App Store and Google Play apps

AMarkets, the award-winning trading brokerage, is now allowing mobile trading. The AMarkets trading app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Unlike similar trading apps, the AMarkets application is available in 5 different languages and a proven record of customer support.

AMarkets launches mobile trading through its new App Store and Google Play apps

Providing brokerage services in Latin America, Asia and CIS, AMarkets focuses on offering high-quality services and comprehensive support to its clients and partners. The reputation of the company is high. For instance, AMarkets is a Member of The Financial Commission, which settles disputes between financial market participants, and provides protection for each of our clients with the Commission’s compensation fund, for up to €20,000 per case. What is more, AMarkets’ execution quality is confirmed by Verify My Trade (VMT) and complies with best execution standards. 

The app

The AMarkets app is an ideal solution for both novice and professional traders and investors, with more than 500.000 clients already having chosen AMarkets. It allows you to invest in 250+ trading instruments, including but not limited to, FX (currency pairs), metals, stocks, indices, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Other benefits include: instant order execution as fast as 0.03 seconds, tight spreads as low as 0.2 pips, 0% deposit commission, leverage up to 1:1000, and customer support available 7 days a week.

All app users will be able to receive daily trading and investing ideas, live and demo trading, get real-time quotes and convenient price charts, as well as quick verification.

The app has already received stellar reviews. One Apple user wrote: “This application can safely replace a number of functions from more well-known ones. Here you can find convenient analytics, as well as trading opportunities that are not available in other applications. It is also worth noting the first-class elaboration of the interface”.

With the reputation that it has, AMarkets provide a safe, convenient, and fast way to invest now, without the use of computer interfaces, all on your mobile. Download the app today and start reaping the benefits of this first-class service.