FDH Bank Provides MK360 Million in Netball Sponsorship

In December 2019, FDH Bank, the Malawian financial services provider established by esteemed business leader Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, set aside MK360 million in netball sponsorship, including MK300 million in funding for the Queens national team.

At a presentation staged at the Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, FDH Bank acting Managing Director William Mpinganjira explained that MK15 million would be used to cover the Association’s administration expenses, while MK45 million was earmarked to finance a national Netball Cup.

William Mpinganjira said that, despite being the pride of Malawi, carrying the flag high at international events, Malawian netballers lacked national support in terms of structures and resources. He pointed out that, despite limited resources, the Queens had attained a Bronze Medal in the Fast 5 International Series in Australia in 2016, as well as beating the world’s number two netball team, New Zealand, at the Australian Commonwealth Games.

Mr Mpinganjira said that through the Netball Association of Malawi, the Queens had continuously shown great potential. It was in this vein that FDH Bank was proud to unveil a three-year sponsorship deal worth MK360 million.

As a national institution, FDH Bank was born and bred in Malawi. Mr Mpinganjira confirmed that the organisation remained committed to furthering Malawian causes. He said that no bank believes in the country’s potential more than FDH Bank, a national institution that has invested extensively in Malawi, creating the nation’s biggest service centre network – comprising more than 92 ATMs and 52 services centre nationwide – as well as a variety of digital products.

It was for this reason that FDH Bank was proud to invest in the country’s netball and football teams at a grassroots level, from sponsoring primary schools throughout Malawi’s cities, to sponsoring Mayor’s Trophy competitions in Zomba, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Blantyre. At the presentation, William Mpinganjira underlined the importance of promoting Malawi’s raw talent, explaining that he was happy to note that several other companies had followed FDH Bank’s lead in sponsoring Malawian sports.

FDH Bank has invested almost MK100 million in Mayor’s Trophy competitions over the past three years, as well as sponsoring the Football Association of Malawi’s FDH Cup for MK450 million and investing MK180 million in the Flames national football team.

Mr Mpinganjira said that the bank was keen to sponsor the Netball Cup for two principal reasons. First, to identify and develop new talent to ensure that the Queens squad remains competitive. Second, Mr Mpinganjira explained that as existing sponsors of the Mayor’s Trophies, which include netball, FDH Bank hoped the competition would become an inspiration for talented individuals throughout Malawi. It is hoped that the Mayor’s Trophies will prove instrumental in motivating the country’s next generation of sportsmen and women.

FDH Bank champions growth throughout Malawi. The leading homegrown bank believes in nurturing businesses and helping raw talent to shine on the world stage.

Mr Mpinganjira commended the Malawi Government for providing the Queens with continued support, as well as wishing the team well with its future endeavours, pledging that the team and FDH bank would grow together.