A Better Bridge on the Block? Advanced Markets and Fortex collaborate to launch state of the art MT4 Bridge


Advanced Markets a leading provider of foreign exchange direct market access (DMA) and Fortex, a leading independent developer of real-time, multi-asset trading platforms, announced the release of UltiMT, a technology, liquidity and credit offering that enables banks and brokers to provide MetaTrader front-end system traders with direct, high-speed access to multibank foreign exchange and precious metals pricing and trade executions.

Although Advanced Markets and Fortex collaborate for some time already the announcement is made now as both companies launch their mutual offering – UltiMT. This continues the trend we are witnessing in past couple of years of forex brokers licensing their solutions to other brokers.

The technology at the core of the new offering is a Fortex platform that supports all trading, credit, liquidity, risk management, reporting and other functionality in a single solution. UltiMT can process trades entered via MetaTrader front ends in under 10 milliseconds and delivers additional performance and opertational benefits.

In contrast, competing solutions spread these functions across multiple, disparate platforms, bridges and applications, creating significant compatibility, operational complexity and integration issues to the detriment of system performance, stability and speed.

“UltiMT’s unified system architecture is major leap forward that supports MetaTrader banks and brokers with extensive operational, risk management and trading advantages unrivalled by other offerings,” said Daniel Chen, Fortex’s CEO and founder. “Moreover, the combination of this leading edge platform with Advanced Markets’ multibank DMA liquidity pool creates powerful new opportunities for MetaTrader banks, brokers and their trading customers.”

UltiMT is an enterprise grade product that provides high performance, high availability and scalability. The solution accepts all MetaTrader order types, supports Expert Advisor and enables comprehensive order flow and position management through a streaming user interface and comprehensive back-office suite.

To complement this leading edge technology platform, Advanced Markets enables UltiMT traders to directly access live, executable FX and precious metals prices streamed by more than 10 leading foreign exchange banks. Advanced Markets’ liquidity protocol enables traders to trade instantly on bank prices without the rates being spread, subject to fixed spreads or manipulated in any way.

To date, UltiMT has been extensively tested with select brokers and banks globally.

UltiMT’s robust technolgy reflects Fortex’s experience working with MetaTrader and Advanced Markets. Fortex built the first MetaTrader bridge in 2003. In operation, the Fortex Bridge has consistenly processed more than $12 billion in average daily trading volume and more than 5.5 million tickets monthly. Fortex’s Multibank Portal has been in use at Advanced Markets FX since 2009, providing low-latency trade executions and an ultra-low rejection rate (less than 0.05 per cent) with near-perfect uptime performance.

“We have worked closely with Fortex for years to deliver professional quality direct market access liquidity to spot FX brokers and traders,” said Anthony Brocco, CEO of Advanced Markets. “Our first-hand experience with their best-in-class technology and operating infrastructure as well as their deep experience building and operating MT solutions made Fortex the clear technology solution for the UltiMT MetaTrader platform.”