XTB Expands Its Passive Investing Footprint, Investment Plans Enhanced With The Autoinvest Functionality

Passive investors in the UK can now start investing regularly as the Investment Plans gain new functionality.
● Individual investment portfolios can be topped up conveniently thanks to the recurring payment option that has been made available in the XTB app.
● Additional funds will be invested automatically in line with the preferred allocation that can be adjusted any time to match current needs and investment goals.
● To support the further growth of Investment Plans XTB has launched a new marketing campaign in the UK.

XTB Expands Its Passive Investing Footprint

XTB, a global fintech offering an online investing platform and a mobile app, is using its
proprietary technology to make long-term passive investing more accessible and
convenient. The company has just enhanced its ETF-based product with a new functionality that allows investors to top up their Investment Plans regularly. Additional funds are invested automatically in line with the preferred allocation set up by the client.

Following the recent launch of interest rates on uninvested funds, XTB continues to grow its passive investment footprint. ETF-based Investment Plans have just gained a new functionality allowing investors to determine how often and how much money they want to invest.

Recurring payments have been made available in the XTB app and clients in the UK can now top up their individual portfolios regularly by setting up a preferred cadence (daily, weekly, monthly) and a payment method (free funds from your XTB account or bank transfer). Additional funds are invested automatically to reflect the preferred allocation within a single ETF portfolio. Thanks to this enhancement, long-term passive investing has now become hassle free as it allows investors to put their money to work automatically.

In line with the approach ‘one app- many possibilities’, we’re growing our passive investing footprint to cater the needs of long-term investors who don’t want to spend much time on active portfolio management. Thanks to the addition of recurring payments and the autoinvest feature, we’ve taken passive investing to another level as it is now automated and more convenient for our clients” said Joshua Raymond, Director of XTB UK.

As part of the Investment Plans, clients can create as many as 10 portfolios comprising up to nine ETFs each. The autoinvest functionality needs to be set up for each portfolio individually. It can be cancelled or modified anytime in the XTB app. In line with the overall XTB’s offering, there is 0% commission on ETF investing* and the set up and maintenance of Investment Plans is free of charge. This means the investment grows without the drag of unnecessary costs.

About XTB

XTB is a global fintech company that provides individual investors with instant access to financial markets from around the world through an innovative online investing platform and the XTB mobile app.

Founded in Poland in 2002, we support over 847,000 customers globally in achieving their trading ambitions. At XTB, we are committed to the ongoing development of the online investing platform enabling our customers to trade 5,900+ instruments including stocks, ETFs, CFDs based on currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. With the recent launch of a long-term passive investing product – the Investment Plans, our clients can now unlock the growing potential of ETFs and
diversify their portfolios effectively. In the key XTB markets, we’re offering interest rates on uninvested funds enabling investors’ to put their money to work and benefit even when they aren’t actively investing.

Our online platform is a top destination not only for investing but also market analysis and education. We offer an extensive library of educational materials, videos, webinars, and courses to help our customers become better investors irrespective of their trading experience. Our customer service team provides support in 18 languages and is available 24/5 via email, chat, or phone.

In over two decades of activity in the financial markets, we have established 12 offices worldwide including Poland, the UK, Germany, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, France, and Chile.

Since 2016, XTB shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We are regulated by the world’s largest supervisory authorities: Financial Conduct Authority, Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission and Financial Services Commission.