Market Cap of Largest Stock Exchanges In Europe Surged by $1.8trn Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Market Cap of Largest Stock Exchanges In Europe Surged by $1.8trn Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has had an enormous impact on the global stock exchange market, causing significant volatility and sharp price falls. However, the last few months have witnessed a recovery, with the stock exchanges moving toward their pre-COVID-19 values.

According to data gathered by ForexSchoolOnline, the market capitalization of Europe’s largest stock exchanges stood at $14trn at the end of June, a $1.8trn increase after the COVID-19 crash.

Euronext and London Stock Exchange Combined Market Cap Jumped by $929.5bn

In December 2019, the combined market cap of Euronext, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse, the Swiss Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Nordic and Baltic Exchanges, Moscow Exchange and Madrid Stock Exchange stood at $15.9trn, revealed Statista and World Federation of Exchanges data. After the Black Monday crash caused by the COVID-19 crisis, this value plunged to $12.1trn in the third week of March, an almost 20% drop in three months.

In the next thirty days, Europe’s seven largest stock exchanges grew by $879bn, reaching $13trn value. The increasing trend continued in the next two months, with the market cap rising by more than $1trn between April and June.

Statistics show that Euronext, as the largest stock exchange in Europe, has witnessed a $616.8bn increase in market capitalization after COVID-19 crash, reaching $4.2trn value by the end of June.

As the second-largest stock exchange market in Europe and seventh globally, London Stock Exchange hit $3.2trn market capitalization the same month, a $312.7bn increase since March. Statista data show the combined market cap of the two largest stock exchange markets in Europe jumped by $929.5bn between March and June.

Deutsche Börse Reached December 2019 Figures

Statistics show that Europe’s third-largest stock exchange, Deutsche Börse, has managed to recover to pre-COVID-19 market capitalization. In December 2019, the market cap of Germany’s largest stock exchange stood at $1.99trn. By the end of the third week of March, this value stumbled to $1.5trn, a 21% plunge in three months. However, statistics indicate Deutsche Börse’s market cap amounted to $1.93trn in June, only 3% less than December figures.

The World Federation of Exchanges data showed the market cap of NASDAQ Nordic and Baltic Exchanges rose by $277.2bn after the COVID-19 crash. The Swiss Stock Exchange, Moscow Exchange, and Madrid Stock Exchange follow, with $154.9bn, $108.1bn, and $48.48bn increase, respectively.