Gold-i: Real-time post trade integration product for MT5 imminent

Gold-i recently won the prestigious Profit & Loss Readers’ Choice Digital Markets Award 2012.  Since launching, Gold-i has focused on continual innovation and worked closely with clients and partners to develop products which fill a gap in the market and help brokers to trade and manage their risk more efficiently.

The Gold-i Gate Link for MetaTrader5 is now under development. The post trade integration product from Gold-i will enable brokers to integrate MetaTrader5 with back/middle office and CRM solutions – all in real-time.

With the combination of Gold-i’s super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge and the Gold-i Gate Link, Gold-i is the only company in the world to offer complete liquidity provider and back office integration in real-time using the Standard FIX 4.4 protocol.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i comments, “MetaTrader5 is starting to make real traction, so integrating a broker’s bought-in or in-house back and middle office system is vital.

“Our Gold-i Gate Link for MetaTrader4 has proved to be extremely popular amongst brokers because all communication is in real-time, with no polling or file-based transfer, resulting in a lightning-fast interface, with a typical latency of 1ms. The time is right to be working on a similar product for MT5, allowing instantaneous two-way trading data synchronization. Our Gold-i Gate Link for MT5 should be available by the end of the year.”

This latest development is part of Gold-i’s strategy of continual innovation, providing brokers with market leading, reliable and robust products which genuinely enhance the trading process.