Top Forex LinkedIn and Google+ Groups

LinkedIn has positioned itself as one of the world’s most established social media platforms. LinkedIn’s niche however, provides users with the opportunity to expand their professional networks and to seek out up-to-date information from industry peers. Including, of course, those after Forex Groups.

Top Forex LinkedIn and Google+ Groups

Statistics from Linkedin reveal that approximately 225 million members, across 200 countries and territories around the globe have joined the social-network, with two new members joining the LinkedIn community every second. That is a lot of networking opportunity.

Forex Traders have caught on to this trend too. In fact, the most valuable LinkedIn tool for Forex Traders is the range of groups that Forex professionals can join.

But what is the benefit for a trader joining a group? LinkedIn groups allow Forex professionals to positioning themselves amongst their peers. What’s more, groups offer up the opportunity to expand professional networks beyond personal connections. Being in an active LinkedIn group opens up information of trading trends and opportunities, these can include the delivery of a broader insight into trading news and trends, recruitment and new job opportunities.

But it’s not enough just to join a group, real value comes from group participation and engagement with other members. Traders can boost networking position by adding real value to discussions, by sharing information and through asking questions.

Google + Communities

In addition to LinkedIn, Forex Traders are also turning to Google+ Communities to broaden their networks and opportunities. Google+ is Google’s answer to social networking and their attempt to become the biggest social media platform. However, Google+ is more than that, it will be part of every Google product in the future and with 363million users and counting, they certainly think so too.

Here are ten of the most useful LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities from a forex trading point of view:

1. Foreign Exchange and Currency Markets

Administrator: Waseem Didan
29,544 members

This is the largest (and fastest growing) professional networking group on LinkedIn for the FX industry. The network has deep exposure to bulge-bracket investment firms, currency funds and fund managers, traders, FX commentators and academics, tier-one consultants, financial recruiters, service-providers, prime brokers, entrepreneurs, international importers/exporters, and retail end-users.

2. Forex Trading

Administrator:Hussein Yahfoufi
14,390 members

The Forex Trading Group was founded to bring together FX Traders, FX Money Managers, Currency Managers, Currency Risk Managers, International Economists and all those involved in currency trading or management.

3. Foreign eXchange TRADER Network

Administrator:Marc Despallieres
12,891 members.

Foreign eXchange TRADER Network is an international FX Business Networking group providing a forum for the generation of Business opportunities, new business development, information exchange, debate, meeting and stay in touch… (Forex, Foreign Exchange, Currency, FX, Trading, Trader, High Frequency Trading, ECN)

4. All Forex

Administrator:Jim Syyap
7,948 members.

This group is a forum for everything about Foreign Currency Trading, from job opportunities within the industry to trading tips and observations from other traders.

5. FX Week

Administrator:Saima Farooqi
7,849 members

This spin-off forum for online forex magazine FX Week provides a platform for foreign exchange professionals to share thoughts, opinions, news and other articles, as well as to simply interact as a community.

6. Forex Professionals around the World

Administrator: Gideon Smolders
4993 members.

This is a group for anybody trading foreign exchange instruments, allowing members to exchange ideas and build contacts

7. Forex | Currency Trading

Administrator: Benny Nardino
4,126 members.

Sirius Forex Trading Group dedicated to currency trading professionals and fans of the worlds largest over-the- counter (OTC) Spot Foreign Exchange Market. This group provides insight into becoming a results-oriented trader by allowing you to network with other members/professionals and ask questions and/or share your thoughts on our discussion board.

8. Prop FX Trading Group

Administrated by Ryan Gagne
3,731 members

This group helps to connect FX traders worldwide so they can share information, knowledge and experiences.

9. Forex Trading Community (Google+)

852 members

This small but fast-growing community of traders and forex professionals on Google+ consists of several sections, including Forex Signals and Analysis, Broker Reviews, Special Offers, Interesting Facts, and Events.

10. Forex (Google+)

418 members

This is a more specific, strategy-based community for forex traders on Google+, where most of the posts consist of price charts along with comments. There is a section dedicated to Metatrader, as well as sections on Strategies and Trading and Economic Data. While it is smaller in terms of numbers than the Forex Trading Community mentioned above, it seems to be more useful from a trading, rather than an industry, perspective.