Top Ten Forex Forums

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Top Ten Forex Forums

Ever since the dawn of online forex trading, messageboards and forums have formed the backbone of the online forex trading community. Although many traders are using social media to interact with each other now, the specificity and ready-made community aspect of forums means that they are still the go-to place for forex traders to glean information and wisdom from one another. Here, we have collected the ten most popular forex forums online so that you can have a look for yourself – starting with the ubiquitous Forex Factory.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory

Forex Factory

Alexa rank: 1,540

For a long time now, Forex Factory has been the leading online Forex forum for forex traders, with a huge user base and an established reputation. It consists of nine sub-forums on a range of topics including Interactive Trading, Trading Systems, Trading Discussion, Platform Tech, Broker Discussion, Trading Journals, Rookie Talk, Commodities and Stocks, and Commercial Content.  As well as displaying these on the home page, there is also a highlights section showing all the most recent posts, one of the best trading calendars on the web, market updates, and news from a variety of online sources. tatistics.

DailyFX Forum

Alexa rank: 4,669

Unlike most of the forums in this list, DailyFX is owned by a leading broker, FXCM, and the content is tailored towards their clients. However, there is plenty on here to interest customers of other brokerages, and it’s certainly one of the most active forums in the FX community. The forum itself takes a very segmented approach, with no fewer than 24 sub-forums grouped under categories such as Education and Analyst Research, Trade the Markets with our Analysts, Traders Lounge, Forex Education, Automated Trading, and FXCM Account Support and Trading Platforms. In addition to the very well populated English language forum, there are also sub-forums in eight other languages, including Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish.

MT5 Forum

MT5 Forum

Alexa rank: 4,211

As the name suggests, this is the official forum for users of the popular Metatrader trading platform, offering users the chance to dip into the combined expertise of the community that centres around this platform.

Despite ostensibly being a forum for MT5 users, there is just as much (if not more) content surrounding the more popular Metatrader 4, and quite a lot of general forex trading discussion for users of all platforms, particularly in the Trading Discussion area of the forum.

Babypips Forum

Alexa rank: 7,594

As one of the foremost Forex trading educational websites, it is natural that this discussion board focuses on the needs of beginner traders, although some of the conversations might be of interest to more experienced traders too, especially the Analyst Arena sub-forum. There are dedicated sections for different disciplines, such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis, day and swing trading strategies, and automated trading. A great place to further your knowledge and find answers to your specific questions.

MQL4 Forum

MQL4 Forum

MQL4 Forum

Alexa rank: 9,994

While the MT5 forum seems to have hoovered up quite a substantial chunk of the Metatrader user community, this forum, which is dedicated to MT4 and its programming language MQL4. Although there is some general trading discussion here, most of the discussions are specifically about programming MQL4 for automated trading and signal generation, so if you’re looking to learn more about this topic or find answers to any questions you might have about it, then this forum is probably the best resource on the web for this.


Alexa rank: 16,708

While this forum doesn’t really offer anything out of the ordinary, it is very well-populated and you can always get quick responses to your questions. It contains 20 different forums related to different aspects of forex trading, including Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Trading Systems and Strategies, Forex Brokers, and Forex Education, a section dedicated to Metatrader, and sub-forums in non-English languages such as Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.


Alexa rank: 28,603

Unlike most of the other Forex forums on this list, EliteTrader doesn’t split up its forum into sub-sections, with everything taking place on the one messageboard. This makes it a little trickier to find the topics that you are looking for, but only a little, and it has the knock-on effect of making the forum more inclusive. This means that, whenever you post something new, it will be seen by the whole community, and you will be more likely to get a quick response.

Unlike most of the other forums on this list, EliteTrader doesn’t split up its forum into sub-sections, with everything taking place on the one messageboard

Trade2Win Forums

Alexa rank: 24,349

Although this forum purports to cater for traders in all markets, most of the traffic comes from forex traders, and these sections are by far the most popular in terms of viewer and post numbers. The sub-forums – of which there are many – are divided into categories such as T2W Community, Trading Career, Trading Tools, Trading Control, Trading Methods, Trading Brokers, Trading Choices, and New Traders, but it is the Forex discussion (in the Trading Choices sub-section) that will be of most interest to FX traders, and this is coincidentally the most popular section of the forum.

Forex Abode Forums

Forex Abode Forums

Forex Abode Forums

Alexa rank: 85,269

With the slogan ‘Vision for the Heights, Looking at the Depths’, it isn’t surprising to see that this Forex forum has quite a heavy emphasis on analysis, with a large, well-populated sub-forum dedicated to this subject. With a breezy, non-standard front end incorporating more graphics than your typical forum, and a certain light-heartedness pervading the whole site, it makes a refreshing change from the dry, text-heavy appearance sported by many trading forums. It’s also a repository for quite a wide range of resources that can be useful when trading forex, including free trading algorithms, a forex sentiments meter, and a section on trading systems.

Forex TSD

Alexa rank: 25,668

Nonetheless,rather than sticking the categories on the home page, this forum just puts all the latest and busiest discussions up there with a link to the sub-forum. This is actually quite helpful, as it reduces the risk of posting a question in the wrong section and not having it seen by the right people. It’s just as well, because one of the main strengths of this forum is that it covers lots of niche areas, with big sections on Metatrader 4 and Harmonic Trading, and these might not have had the chance to grow had they been hived away in obscure sub-forums.

Editors’ Note: As of 2018, the Forex TSD forum moved to become part of the MQL5 community

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  29. For those having trouble finding a good broker — especially US traders looking for more freedom in trading — try out Trader’s Way. I’d been jumping from broker to broker for years (the popular ones too), finding things I didn’t like with each, until I found them. They have very competitive pricing, STP/ECN accounts, cTrader, mobile platforms, binary options, enormous leverage (if you’re into that), free webinars, quick withdrawals (in my experience throughout the last year or so), and a ton of other options to really let you trade the way you want to. Their company philosophy page says it all:

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