Seeking Alpha: Top 25 Forex Opinion Leaders

Staying informed and making sure that you are as knowledgeable as possible about the markets is one of the cornerstones of any Forex trading strategy. However, with so much information and noise out there, how do you know who you should be listening to? Sometimes, it can pay to tap into the wisdom of crowds, to see what other traders find to be the most useful and profitable sources of information.

In the fast forward and ever changing world of digital and social media all industries are seeing an increase of the importance of personal branding and specially thought leadership. Forex Trading is as well an industry that as it grows needs value creation thought leaders. Influence is the gold of the present times as influencers can change and lead the way companies go and the way the markets go and act. In Forex the right influencers can reach big audiences and advice them in their trading activities and how to use platforms, trading instruments and Forex brokers.

Here, we have put together profiles for five of some of the most influential Forex Trading opinion leaders with an authorial presence on the influential Seeking Alpha investment community Website, one of the top financial digital communities that through the years have build a respected community of readers and influencers. This choice is decided by Seeking Alpha team and is ranked in terms of the total number of page views for the articles that they contribute to that site. We have also listed the rest of the top 25 at the base of this article together with a link to their Seeking Alpha profiles.

1. Marc Chandler


68,632 page views
Twitter: @marcmakingsense

Marc Chandler is an independent/boutique research firm analyst, and a highly respected journalist, speaker, and blogger. Having worked at several economic consulting firms and global investment banks, he is now considered one of the foremost authorities on the topics of forex, bonds, and foreign stocks, appearing regularly on CNBC and speaking for the Foreign Policy Association. As a journalist, he has written for the Financial Times, the Washington Post, and Foreign Affairs, was named a Business Visionary by Forbes magazine in 2009, and maintains an influential personal blog (

2. FXstreet (Francesc Riverola)


41,406 page views
Twitter: @FxstreetUpdate
Facebook: FXstreet

Having been established for over 12 years, is now the the leading independent forex portal and news resource. The website was founded by Francesc Riverola, who was profiled in last week, just as the online forex trading industry was in its infancy. It has since grown with that industry to be one of the most influential websites on the topic of forex trading, providing access to real-time rates and charts, an exclusive news feed, and interactive webinars with some of the world’s leading experts on the topic of forex trading.

3. Dr. Duru 


29,034 page views
Twitter: @drduru

Dr. Duru Ahanotu is a full-time forex trader and founder of Ahan Analytics, a firm specialising in providing sales analysis and price optimisation software solutions for business. He graduated from the prestigious Stanford University with a Ph.D. in Engineering-Economic Systems, and worked as a consultant with several firms including Rapt, Integral, and Expert Edge before starting his own business. His in-depth analytical insights are highly prized by traders across the board, hence the high volume of traffic to his Seeking Alpha posts, and also the posts on his One Twenty Two blog, where he shares his thoughts and analyses regarding the financial markets with the wider world.

4. Ralph Shell


21,327 page views
Facebook: ForexBrokersOnline

Ralph Shell is the founder and CEO of Cashback Forex, an innovative site that pays traders for each trade they place via the site without negatively affecting spreads or commissions. The site also features a blog that is almost unrivalled in terms of the depth of insight and wealth of forex-specific information that he makes available. As a trader, he has impeccable credentials, with ten years of experience in trading cash commodities in the US and its export markets, 18 years as a member and floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, and experience as a commodity analyst for Merrill Lynch in Chicago. Now based in Ireland, he is fully concentrated on developing the website, following the forex markets and maintaining the writing articles for Seeking Alpha and his own blog.

5. Dean Popplewell 


18,245 page views
Twitter: @dean_forex

OANDA’s Dean Popplewell is a full-time trader and blogger, with almost twenty years of currency and fixed income trading behind him. His in-depth understanding of how global events shape capital markets and of market fundamentals has served him well as a trader, and his skilled analysis has made him a must-read for anyone trading the forex markets. Having served as global head of trading for companies such as BMO Nesbitt Burns and Scotia Capital, he joined leading forex broker OANDA in 2006, and has since played a pivotal role in promoting forex trading as an asset class to independent traders.

More Forex Opinion Leaders

6. Cliff Wachtel 12,924 page views
7. Kathy Lien 12,854 page views
8. Profit Fan 11,191 page views
9. Pendulum 7,782 page views
10. Pater Tenebrarum 7,167 page views
11. Emil Mark 6,144 page views
12. Sean Bellamy McNulty 5,915 page views
13. Richard Cox 5,768 page views
14. Evariste Lefeuvre 5,673 page views
15. Matthew Bradbard 5,599 page views
16. Tom Luongo 5,569 page views
17. Investment Biker 5,483 page views
18. Oriental Trader 5,408 page views
19. George Dorgan 5,033 page views
20. Shareholders Unite 4,994 page views
21. Squeeky Wheel 4,956 page views
22. William Shearer, Jr. 4,662 page views
23. Doug Short 4,298 page views
24. Ariel Aharonovich 4,112 page views
25. Calafia Beach Pundit 4,058 page views