Bunzz: Over 500 DApps Deployed, Join One of the Largest Development Platforms in Asia

Arguably one of the most important aspects of any software development platform is the ability to easily create, deploy and test smart contracts. This is where Bunzz comes in, offering developers a comprehensive set of tools for building decentralized applications (DApps). Not only does it provide all the major smart contracts needed for DApp development, but they are already audited and thus secure. Additionally, the platform makes it easy to compile and deploy contracts to a blockchain, and includes all the features that software engineers require to build Web3-based services. In short, Bunzz is the perfect solution for anyone looking to develop decentralized applications quickly and securely.

Bunzz: Over 500 DApps Deployed, Join One of the Largest Development Platforms in Asia

Since its launch on Product Hunt, Bunzz has surpassed 1,000 users in about 2 months, making it one of the largest DApp development platforms in the Asian region. In terms of user distribution by region, India has the largest number of users, followed by Japan and South Korea. The average daily number of new DApp developers registering is 30-40, and the number of deployed DApp projects has exceeded 500. It is expected that the number of users will reach 10,000 by the end of 2022.

The services that make up a DApp are anchored in one of three technology layers. The first layer is the application layer, which is responsible for the user interface and experience. The second layer is the smart contract layer, which houses the code that execute transactions and manage data. The third layer is the blockchain or distributed ledger, which provide the infrastructure for the DApp. Each of these layers has significant opportunities and challenges. The application layer, for example, must be intuitive and easy to use if it is to attract users. The smart contract layer must be secure and efficient in order to ensure that transactions are processed quickly and accurately.

As a platform that provides support tools for DApps developers, Bunzz is ultimately aiming to carry out a “Smart Contract Ecosystem”. Specifically, the plan is to implement a marketplace for smart contract modules, and to provide a composable environment where modules developed by other users can also be used. In addition, Bunzz is also in the process of designing a tokenomics where Bunzz’s proprietary tokens will be paid to module developers and to verified developers who perform security audits on these modules. By doing so, Bunzz hopes to create an ecosystem that is both secure and economically incentivized, making it more attractive for developers to create high-quality DApps. Ultimately, this should lead to more adoption of DApps and help further blockchain technology.


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