Top Digital Trading Resources

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If you want to become an aspiring Forex trader, it is increasingly important that you start learning and using the various digital trading tools which have been designed and created to aid you in trading efficiently and more precisely. These tools help you to minimize a plethora of risks associated with Forex trading, that is if you make bad decisions and calls. Online trading resources will significantly aid you in keeping track of your trading portfolios along with your stock trades and give you valuable forecasts which you can use to your advantage.

Mentioned below are some of the best digital trading resources you can use to master Forex trading:


Trademiner was designed to locate different trade trends in the stock market. The fluctuations in the stock market happen in cycles. With Trademiner, you have the advantage of predicting when another cycle is going to hit and to determine whether you will make a loss or a gain. So, Trademiner is an excellent tool you should consider adding to your arsenal.

Market Club

This powerful tool is a subscription service which provides users complete access to various stock market charting platforms, gives them newest trend evaluations and effective scanning services. Using Market Club, you will be able to conveniently identify different changes and trends in the stock market and monitor stock prices over short and long stretches of time.


E*Trade is an investment website which provides useful insights pertaining to the stock market. Plus, it also provides users a number of trade analysis resources and reports which can help you in making the best possible decisions. Using E*Trade, you can monitor and analyze Forex market trends and also review your own portfolio’s trading history.


Scottrade was designed to give investment advice to traders along with equipping them with optimized stock analysis tools, different trading platforms and a number of other features to help them make better trading decisions. The Quota and Research options are excellent for predicting future market trends or analyze one off stock prices. Via Scottrade, you can supervise your entire portfolio quite conveniently.

TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim

TD Ameritrade provides its state of the art Thinkorswim which was designed to provide traders accurate analysis pertaining to stock trends along with increasing their knowledge base in investing. You can think of it as an educational resource and a trading tool. You can use Thinkorswim to forecast cycles and locate them in the market and seek prices which best suit you.

FxPro Library

FxPro Library is an important trading tool created for stock traders who want to enjoy all the benefits of automatic stock trading, but lack the experience necessary to create their own EAs. FxPro has created a library of back tested EAs which were pre-built and created to increase your trading abilities and performance in the market. According to the research, it has been revealed that trading using proper EAs is far more effective than both manual and enhancing trading.

FxPro Quant

The FxPro Quant employs the use of cutting edge technology and is a powerful trading tool. The FxPro Quant enables traders to create and establish their own Expert Advisors (EAs) by simply using simple drag and drop options. You don’t need to have any sort of programming knowledge or experience at all.

FxPro Vault

FxPro Vault is a quick and efficient way to finance live trading accounts and is a one of a kind application in the Forex industry. The FxPro Vault is a powerful risk management resource which enables traders to transfer all the funds they are willing to risk to their Forex account, keeping the rest of the funds safe in the FxPro Vault to be used in the future.

FxPro Dashboard

The FxPro Dashboard is an important trade resource which allows traders to analyze the stock market and other trading activity. This trading tool will also enable you to analyze the Forex Market, including currency movers and client positions.


>AutoChartist is an accurate charting and technical analysis tools in the Forex market. AutoChartist can also be used through FxPro’s MetaTrader 4 platform and also provides traders valuable information regarding lucrative trades through real-time Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Key Levels and Market Alerts.

Trading Central

Trading Central is also a good trading resource designed to provide traders with specialized technical analysis pertaining to Forex trends. Trading Central is regarded as the best research tool available for traders who require detailed financial market reports.

So, these are some of the most important trading tools you can get your hands on and you should because it has allowed so many inexperienced traders to trade in the big leagues. They are a great help indeed.