Site Overview

foreign exchange is an immensely popular Forex trading website on which a majority of traders converge and trade. Forex Factory was established in March 2004. The website was uniquely designed and developed to provide traders top-notch information they can use and implement to make hefty profits. And according to Alexa, Forex Factory is the most viewed Forex trading website in the US and ranks at 1,242 in the list of most viewed websites around the globe.

And it is because of the website’s impeccable design and its uncompromising efforts to provide traders better options, top financial products, and features, which has resulted in the website’s considerable growth and success. Options like adjustable time zones, which enables Forex traders to look and gather important trading information in their own time zones. It also provides traders revolutionary features like Google-based worldwide search, gathering via member post history which makes obtaining information simpler.

Forex Factory also has a Member Impact Ranking System (MIRS) which can be instrumental in gaining opinion and in-depth analysis of various trades through different members. You would be amazed to know that all of these features and options have consistently been refined and made better for more than ten years now, providing traders the richest of trading and investing experiences.

Members of Forex Factory are considered among the most brilliant minds in trading across the globe. Their knowledge, experience and strategies are what make the Forex trading experience here an oasis compared to other platforms. Moreover, people from over the world come and trade on Forex Factory regardless of their creed or nationality which in turn promotes a productive trading environment.

It is important to understand that Forex Factory cannot be considered a social networking platform and neither is it a web portal. It’s quite simply a website designed and developed to provide state of the art features in trading and high quality trading information to all who want to participate in Forex trading.

Forex Factory for Clever Businessmen

If you are an aspiring trader or want to become a successful one, it is important you join Forex Factory. That is primarily because it is designed specifically for traders who are smart, sure of themselves and not afraid to lose. The website guides rookie traders on how to make educated trades and staying risk free at all times.

Products Offered by Forex Factory

Mentioned below are the names and brief descriptions of some of the products offered by Forex Factory:

Forums | Launched March 2004

Did you know that more traders post on Forex Factory forum than on any other platform around the world? That is because at Forex Factory forums, traders from across the world gather and talk about trades, orders and different aspects of Forex trading. Trading forums here offer a professional environment where traders bounce ideas and opinions off each other, learn, debate and compete against each other.

Market | Launched November 2009

This product consists of different applications, including charts, broker quotes, composite quotes and sessions. All these applications are powered by the Market Data System of The Market Data Structure or MDS is a complex trading infrastructure designed to gather aggregate data from different brokers, all in real-time. By amalgamating these sets of data from different sources, the MDS allows for traders to gain access to the ‘true’ price which can be set in comparison to prices from other brokers. What this does is promote a stable trading environment in a volatile market.

Trade Explorer | Launched February 2011

The Trade Explorer application is basically a web oriented interface which enables traders to evaluate and monitor their trading output and efficiency. You can say that it is a trade measuring tool which allows you to analyze your historical trade performance. Trade Explorer also automatically integrates with the individual trader’s brokerage account to allow him access to real-time evaluative abilities.

Trade Explorer has been instrumental in launching an array of different innovative applications. It provides users automatic graphing options, synchronization, time zone control and balance/equity controls. These are all options Forex Factory provided way before any other trading platform did.

Brokers | Launched May 2012

This product is designed seasoned and experienced Forex brokers. It is a guide which explains and analyzes the various ways in which brokers and traders do their research. It gathers high quality information with precise details and real-time spreads, all combined in a single, impeccably-designed trading platform. Furthermore, the information provided in the application is regularly maintained and updated by the administrators. They ensure the content you get is fresh and usable.

The ‘Spreads’ area on the website gathers ratings from each individual broker’s account in real-time and indicates all the current spreads in the form of pips. These spreads are indicators of what ‘traditional account’ traders are viewing from their platforms without the inclusion of demo accounts.

All in all, is a wonderful and groundbreaking website which has a plethora of trading tools and features that have designed to help traders get the best out of their trades. So, the website may considerably benefit you in your trades as well.