MoneyNetint Wins Ripple’s Best Connector Award For Making The Most Connections On The Ripple Network

MoneyNetint Wins Ripple’s Best Connector Award For Making The Most Connections On The Ripple Network

MoneyNetint has been recognized as a growth leader by Ripple for their international payment services. This award strengthens their foothold as a leader in helping international businesses successfully create fiscal transactions in today’s borderless economy.

Ripple, a blockchain technology company which provides global payment services have recognized MoneyNetint, a global payment platform, for its outstanding business growth on their platform over the last year. Fueled by their dedicated team and proficiency in the payments field, MoneyNetint is relying on blockchain technology to grow its customer base around the world.

Traditional international transactions were timely and costly undertakings, worthwhile for only large institutions. This restricted businesses to only operate in their locality limiting their client pool to those within domestic borders. Financial institutions have been slow to offer small to medium businesses simplified banking procedures. MoneyNetint acts as a direct platform for all businesses, managing all their payments and currency needs in today’s growing cross-border economy.

Working to shorten transaction approval times from days to seconds, MoneyNetint joined the Ripple platform for its state of the art blockchain payments technology. Achieving a significant boost in international cross-border transactions, they have been awarded Ripple’s ‘Connector Award’ for excellence in user acquisition and increased transaction volume. “Adding Ripple’s blockchain solution to our robust payment platform allows us to deliver a superior product while enhancing our customer support. This allows for businesses to operate and flourish globally while having a proven platform for financial transactions,” said Yishay Trif, CEO of MoneyNetint. “By breaking down geographic barriers, companies can confidently work with and purchase from whomever they choose, in any locality.”

Ripple’s blockchain infrastructure was quickly recognized by MoneyNetint as the future for supporting global cross-border trade. After MoneyNetint’s investment in deploying into the Ripple network, a partnership was soon developed with local Malaysian and Brazilian-based providers. Operating over the RippleNet, these two companies were able to offer rapid processing for their customers into new regions, resulting in hundreds of transactions during the first month of their partnership. Currently, MoneyNetint processes thousands of cross-border transactions per month between Brazil, Asia, Americas and Europe.

Seeing beyond the global blockchain buzz, the practical implications of new technologies and their implementation into traditional industries proves to be feasible and is a great equalizer for far-flung businesses. “This partner has fully embraced the tech advantage of what it means to be connected to Ripplenet. During 2019 they have on boarded more than 10 partners and many finance institutions from all the world offer their customers a frictionless and effective solution for EUR SEPA clearing. But 2019 has also seen the tech advantage of the network to expand their own offering, connecting to partners to access Southeast Asia and India routes. It’s a pleasure to work with everyone in this company and support them to scale their business through RippleNet” said Luke Cutajar, Account Manager at Ripple.

Recognizing the potential of today’s growing global economy, MoneyNetint has positioned itself as a champion and leader for aspiring entrepreneurs that require a reliable and smooth payment service, enabling them to focus on expanding their businesses.