eToroX Adds The Last Top Crypto It Was Missing: Cryptoasset And Blockchain Protocol EOS

eToroX Adds The Last Top Crypto It Was Missing: Cryptoasset And Blockchain Protocol EOS

eToroX, the blockchain subsidiary of global investment platform eToro, has announced that the EOS cryptoasset is available on the eToroX exchange.

EOS will be both a base and counter currency for trading pairs on eToroX, and can be traded against other cryptoassets, including multiple fiat stablecoins. The pairs comprise Bitcoin (BTC-EOS), Ethereum (ETH-EOS), Stellar (EOS-XLM), USD (EOS-USDEX), GBP (EOS-GBPX), and Japanese Yen (EOS-JPYX).

With the launch of EOS on the eToroX Exchange, eToroX is now one of the few crypto and blockchain exchanges to have all five top cryptoassets — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, XRP and of course EOS — paired against multiple fiat stablecoins (including CADX, CHFX, and many more).

Doron Rosenblum, eToroX Managing Director, spoke about eToroX’s vision of opening up access to the tokenized world. “We believe that we can leverage blockchain technology to open up financial markets. The flexibility, scalability, and secure processing capabilities of the EOSIO protocol significantly help the push towards mass adoption, which is an integral part of our ethos.” 

He continued, “We are extremely excited to add an EOSIO-based cryptoasset to our secure and regulated exchange. The launch of yet another blockchain protocol shows how the eToroX Exchange is continuing to grow and expand into a significant presence in the cryptosphere.” 

EOSIO software powers the EOS smart contract platform and decentralized operating system. The EOS utility token provides both bandwidth and storage on the blockchain, enabling ownership that is directly proportional to total stake, plus owner participation in the on-chain governance of the blockchain, also relative to stake.

“eToro is consistently early in identifying new and important technological advancements,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO and a co-founder of, publisher of the EOSIO software. “eToro’s robust EOS offering is testament to their support for open source innovation.” 

“EOS is one of the foremost projects in the world of Blockchain,” said Yoni Assia, CEO and Co-Founder of eToro.  “By adding the EOS token as a base/counter currency for trading pairs on the eToroX crypto Exchange, we are enhancing and strengthening our well-established connection with EOS.”

Over the coming months, as eToroX continues its goal of  providing access to the world of crypto trading to more people, it will launch more new cryptoassets and stablecoins, and announce further trading pairs whereby more crypto base currencies are pegged to fiat counter currencies.