Edge Token Rises 28% As It Becomes Tradable On Renowned Exchanges

Edge Token Rises 28% In Value As It Becomes Tradable On Renowned exchanges
Edge Token Rises 28% In Value As It Becomes Tradable On Renowned exchanges

The Edge digital token has appreciated 28% in the face of falling prices of other tokens. Likewise, the token is now tradable on renowned exchanges such as KuCoin, Bitfinex, IDEX and OKEx, providing the opportunity for more people to become part of their growing edge computing network. Since rebranding to Edge and launching the ability for people to self-onboard their own devices last month, the network has grown the number of hosting nodes to 271, present in 51 countries across the globe.

Every node contributes their spare computing capacity to the network and stakes a small amount of Edge tokens (currently 5,000), in return for which owners of the nodes earn Edge tokens each month. Currently, as a result of this staking process the current yield is over 100% annualised, but this is expected to decline and normalise as more people onboard to the network.

Joseph Denne, CEO and Co-Founder of Edge said: “As we see more people join the Edge Network to partake in our sharing economy and benefit from earning money on the back of their spare computing capacity, it is important that we ensure our digital token is as widely available as possible.”

Denne believes that being able to buy and sell the Edge token securely is very important to ensuring wider adoption of their technology and added: “This has helped us to expand our edge computing network to give our customers a more secure and cost effective alternative to the established cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We look forward to making further announcements about accessibility to the token in due course.”

Edge token chart
Edge token chart. Source: Edge Network

Becoming part of the network is quick and simple as evidenced by the speed with which new nodes are joining, in multiple jurisdictions across the globe. The expansion of the network adds to its wider computing capacity, bringing data storage and computer processing closer to the end user, rather than relying on expensive, centralised and less secure cloud services.

Founded in 2013, Edge is a network services business built on blockchain technology providing a fast, secure, cost effective alternative to cloud computing via its global edge computing network. Edge allows individuals to monetise their spare internet capacity by connecting to the Edge network via their home broadband, in return for automated monthly payments.