Digital Token ‘Edge’ Recognised As “Best Edge Computing Platform” In Future Digital Awards

Digital Token ‘Edge’ Recognised As “Best Edge Computing Platform” In Future Digital Awards
Digital Token ‘Edge’ Recognised As “Best Edge Computing Platform” In Future Digital Awards

The blockchain based digital token Edge has won “Best Edge Computing Platform” in the IoT Innovation category at the Future Digital Awards 2019. The award was given following a thorough judging process undertaken by the analyst team at digital research consultancy Juniper Research. Edge has been the only blockchain-based company focused on tokenomics and cryptocurrencies that has been awarded in the Technology and Innovation Category this year.

Juniper judged award entrants on a number of elements, specifically: Product Features and User Benefits; Product Innovation; Commercial Partnerships; Commercial Launches; Compliance & Certification; and Future Business Prospects.

The key strengths and advantages of Edge noted by the judging panel were:

  • Overall effect of increasing speed and efficiency in a wide range of applications.
  • Use of blockchain in edge computing.
  • 7 established B2B partners.
  • Network coverage in 60+ countries.
  • The fact that anyone with a laptop, mobile or any connected device can earn $EDGE tokens by supplying spare computational and storage capacity to the network. The panel believe this idea is unique and innovative.
  • This is a prime product, as Juniper Research expects 5G and edge to increase massively in the coming years especially within sectors such as smart manufacturing and smart cities.
  • The business model leverages existing connected devices to provide computational power that can be monetised was seen as a huge plus.
  • Despite a lack of standards, the key strength here is the solution uses most connectivity standards.
  • Edge is open to partnerships with anyone who has a device.

Joseph Denne, CEO and Co-Founder of Edge Network said: “It is a testament to the hard work of the team here at Edge that we have won ‘Best Edge Computing Platform’ in this year’s Future Digital Awards and we are delighted to have been recognised by this award win. With edge computing expected to be a significant emerging technology, we see ourselves as a first mover in the space. Over the next few years we envisage our network growing well beyond the current 271 nodes, with 45 going live in the first week that we started self-boarding in September 2019, leading to a truly global, scalable and secure edge computing network.”

Likewise, Elson Sutanto, Principal Analyst at Juniper Research added: “Edge was an outlier when it came to judging this category, mainly due to their network being live in production and already allowing people to monetise their spare computing capacity. Along with IoT, 5G and blockchain, we see edge computing as a key emerging technology of the future.”

Founded in 2013, Edge is a network services business built on blockchain technology providing a fast, secure, cost effective alternative to cloud computing via its global edge computing network. Edge allows individuals to monetise their spare internet capacity by connecting to the Edge network via their home broadband, in return for automated monthly payments.

Other winners for the Technology and Innovation Category

Besides Edge, these are other companies that were also awarded by Juniper Research:

Automotive & Telematics Innovation: Best Consumer Product

  • Winner: Wejo Intelligence marketplace Wejo
  • Honourable Mention: NXM Wave Labs’ autonomous security firmware NXM Wave

Automotive & Telematics Innovation: Most Innovative ADAS Solution

  • Winner: Qualcomm 9150 CV2X Chipset Qualcomm
  • Honourable Mention: LiDAR Harman

IoT Innovation: Best IoT Healthcare System

  • Winner: iN: Cognitive Patient Care Assistant Inspiren
  • Honourable Mention: Wearable pH Sensor L’Oreal

IoT Innovation: Best IoT Security Innovation of the Year

  • Winner: AirOn eSIM Management G+D Mobile Security
  • Highly Commended: ZoOm 3D Face Authentication ZoOm

Smart Cities Innovation: Best Citizen Engagement Solution

  • Winner: Tomi Tomiworld
  • Highly Commended: SAI Cart SAI Group

Smart Cities Innovation: Best Smart City Platform

  • Winner: Trafi Jelbi
  • Honourable mention: SoMo Transportation App SoMo

Smart Cities Innovation: Smart City Innovation of the Year

  • Winner: Gemalto Instant Connect Gemalto, a Thales company
  • Honourable mention: ZomeKIT Zome

Smart Devices Innovation: Consumer Wearable Device of the Year

  • Winner: Hololens 2 Microsoft
  • Honourable mention: Owlet smart Sock Owlet

Enterprise Wearable Innovation of the Year

  • Winner: XR-1 Developer Edition Varjo
  • Honourable mention: Fusion AR JuJoTech

Smart Devices Innovation: Immersive Technology Innovation of the Year

  • Winner: PLOTT LetsPLOTT
  • Honourable mention: C360 Personalized Viewing Experience C360

Smart Home Innovation: Best Smart Energy Innovation

  • Winner: AutoGrid Energy Internet Platform AutoGrid
  • Honourable mention: CLP Smart Energy Connect Platform CLP Smart Energy Connect

Smart Home Innovation: Best Smart Home Innovation

  • Winner: Awair 2nd Edition Awair
  • Honourable mention: SPIN SIDN Labs