important modules to learn

5 important modules to learn in our business course

Business courses in Singapore are tailor-made to provide students with a solid foundation of the key concepts related to business such as marketing, economics, management, finance, and international operations.

Studying at university will help you obtain a deeper insight regarding the business issues that organisations and corporates are facing especially at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, equipping you with all the skills required to help employers across the globe take care businesses to newer heights.

This article talks about the major subjects taught as part of the business course curriculum and wanted even qualitative techniques included as part of the training that can not only help you effectively communicate business-related research findings but also recommend appropriate solutions to a business context.

Fundamentals of marketing

This module aims to provide students with us deeper understanding of the universality of marketing orientation and the appreciation of its utility, as is leverage drives organisations to align themselves to their customers or stakeholders, operating environment, and markets.

You will be trained to determine and implement scored marketing concepts to aid business decisions and demonstrate an analysis of customer and competitive business analysis.


This section teaches students about the individual, community, and enterprise aspects of the entrepreneur environment, alongside diving deep into the emerging issues that differentiate start-ups and smaller businesses to put them online for a brighter future.

You will get to develop the competencies associated with maximising business potential and recognising opportunities for innovation and brand popularity.

Sales and negotiation

The purpose of this module is to integrate within the aspirant’s mind different selling techniques and negotiation abilities that can be applied for achieving sales so that the business can flourish.

You will deal with various situations that can lead and price just towards failure and come up with solutions that can help the brand survives through tough times.

Corporate communications

This module is designed to increase the awareness of the importance of communication and business language but then management context, including both cross considered and in personal communications.

You will gain a good grounding of stakeholder management and core communication principles that are appreciated within a corporate environment, making you proficient at conveying ideas effectively and framing concise opinions and reports.

Project management

This section will introduce you to the applications are various project-based problem-solving toolkits that can be leveraged to monitor and control campaign activities and organisational performance.

You will learn how to use strategies tools and techniques to structure and evaluate projects.

Choose to develop your employability skills by applying to an undergraduate business programme in Singapore to get a good grasp on the problem-solving techniques and relevant concepts that can enhance your employability skills for a brighter future ahead.

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