The Word Is Out: TNC Group Takes Significant Steps In Its Crypto-Media Presence For Their Crypto M&A Program

The Word Is Out: TNC Group Takes Significant Steps In Its Crypto-Media Presence

TNC Group’s mission is to unite the cryptocurrency world and all the company’s efforts have gone towards materialising that vision. The latest effort comes in the shape of pushing their media presence. In that regards, TNC Group has already taken significant steps in crypto-related media, having a presence in several media channels. This time, TNC and its Crypto M&A program was recently featured in ‘The Currency Analytics’.

TNC Group’s goal to unite the cryptocurrency world will be realised through the Crypto M&A program, an initiative to merge around 500 existing cryptocurrencies in the market through the token swap process.

“Several companies struggle with adopting blockchain technology. By connecting, the companies to qualified developers in the industry TNC Group makes it possible to help with a smooth blockchain adoption experience for their company.  Thus by connecting companies with developers, they make things easy for companies moving over to the blockchain,” was stated by the company on The Currency Analytics article.

And to do so, they are a collaboration of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency developers and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to work with like-minded teams. They are forever improving on the processes required to increase the applications of the blockchain in a way to take cryptocurrency to the everyday lives of people. Blockchain consulting makes it easy to provide for best technical and management insights through their most illustrious partners and advisors in the blockchain sphere.

In parallel, TNC released their TNC coin in April. Now that TNC Coin is out in the market, TNC believes this event will help the Crypto M&A journey forward. The first five companies will go through the token SWAP process to be reborn as TNC, then the rest of the first merger group will follow the initiation. The first group is around 100 crypto companies who already fulfilled the requirements of the Crypto M&A and signed a preliminary agreement with TNC.

They are made up of a powerful team who make it all happen like CC forum, Abdullah Al Awadi & Associates, In Re Legal, FAAVM, EVORESE, SEECRA, Cryptoventures, Financial Policy Council, Deep Dive Technology, Grow Will and several others.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert & Advisor At TNC tweeted“TNC Group offering TNC Coin are just doing what is really required at this point in time, making it easier for companies to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

As a network-focused company, TNC will nurture and foster built relationships with other blockchain companies. The Crypto M&A program also enables TNC to form a global network of blockchain professionals. Companies part of the network will be given new opportunities to work and collaborate with TNC for future blockchain projects.

TNC also plans to act as a project development company that will cater to blockchain-related demands of government and enterprises. With a shortage of skilled and experienced blockchain developers in the employment market, the company targets to gather a pool of 10,000 developers with different specializations into its network. TNC aims to nurture specialized developers to deliver industry-focused blockchain solutions.

As part of its long-term goal, TNC also wishes to introduce a novel blockchain infrastructure that will benefit the majority. With the help of blockchain developers in its court, TNC strongly believes that collective efforts and minds will result in an innovative decentralized blockchain infrastructure never before introduced by the industry.

Dubai-based, TNC has been set up to provide a comprehensive blockchain service for their users covering a range of aspects including issuing, marketing, token listing and security.

In parallel, TNC has already invested US$5m in ABBC Foundation’s BuyAladdin project. BuyAladdin is a one-stop online marketplace for crypto users. The investment will accelerate the app’s development, ensuring fast and secure crypto transactions and protection from possible security threats. TNC’s native cryptocurrency, the Tokenncoin, will also be used for payment in the Aladdin Shopping Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency shopping mall.