WFT Group – Company Reviews

Today we will talk about one of the most important themes for the trader which are deposit and withdrawal funds. For the beginning, we will tell how it happens with the WFT Group broker.

Every broker has his own rules and principles how to deposit money by traders on the platform. Surely, the WFT group has its own system. But, it’s quite different from the input system of other brokers. The difference is for the better, that’s why we decided to consider it in more detail.

The Way to Involve in The Trading

Usually, brokers are offering several ways how to deposit money on their platform (with fiat currencies, electronic money as YAD, web money, Qiwi etc.), which are differ directly in the input technology and the percentage for the transaction. Moreover, there are usually more ways to deposit money than ways to withdraw.

With WFT Group brokers situations is different. He has approximately the same number of ways to deposit and withdraw earned money. Of course, there is a standard withdrawal of funds to bank cards of various international payment systems, as well as a bank transfer.

Also there are ways to withdraw funds to electronic wallets. Many brokers have a way to deposit funds using electronic wallets, but no withdrawal to them.  This is due to legal problems – it is necessary to conclude agreements with the owners of these electronic payment systems, to undergo a check with them. All this is time, money and hassle. WFT Group went to all this for the convenience of its clients. And now its traders can withdraw Funds to electronic wallets. You can withdraw part of the funds to a bank card, and part to electronic wallets. Such diversification allows you to avoid additional conversion (for example, if you need to transfer money from a bank card to an electronic wallet for a purchase), which means additional expenses.

Transactions via e-wallets

At the moment, the broker of WFT Group can withdraw funds to the following electronic wallets – Webmoney, Qiwi & Neteller.

Web Money is one of the oldest payment systems in Russia and CIS countries.

Due to its reliability, which is proved over the years, it has many users. The big advantage of Web Money is that it has a large number of electronic currencies (fiat currency equivalents). It also has electronic wallets for several cryptocurrencies.

Qiwi is one of the most popular electronic money in the world. It has a large number of ways to enter funds into this system, including using a variety of special Qiwi terminals.

Neteller is also one of the oldest payment systems that can be used to make international payment transfers around the world. It supports 26 currencies including USD, Euro, Yen, British Pounds, Swiss Franc, etc.

As you can see, WFT Group offers three of the most popular e-wallets. Another small convenience – by default, the system offers a withdrawal of funds in the same way as input. After all, users usually deposited and withdraw funds to the wallet that they often use. But, again, you can deposit and withdraw funds in different ways, including partly in one option, partly in another.

WFT group – withdrawal of funds

One of the most painful moments in the relationship between a trader and his broker is the withdrawal conditions. For some reasons, many brokerage companies operate according to the principle: “Entry – one ruble, exit – two rubles.” That is, it is easy and simple to deposit money on their platform, but it is much more difficult to withdraw money. In this regard, the WFT Group is a welcome exception. Let’s list the rules for withdrawing our earned funds from this broker:

WFT Group does not charge a commission for a single withdrawal within a month. The commission is charged only by the payment system through which the transfer is made – Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Webmoney, etc. From second and subsequent transfers during the month, the WFT Group withholds $ 12, regardless of the transfer amount.

The minimum amount of transaction – 25 dollars or euro, (other brokers usually have a minimum hold of $ 100). This is very convenient for innovator traders who usually cannot immediately boast of big earnings.

The withdrawal period does not exceed 24 hours (for other companies, the standard period is 3 banking days). Want to mention that 24 hours is the time it takes for WFT Group to transfer money for transfer to the payment system, which may have its own terms for transferring funds.

Due to the approval of fiscal state policy, WFT Group may require the submission of documents to verify identity. But, let us clarify again, this is due to state policy, and such restrictions have all brokers.

Money for Withdrawal

A unique feature of the WFT Group in its withdrawal policy is that you can withdraw ALL money that is currently in the trader’s deposit, including those, which are received as bonuses. Of course, except of those, which are involved in open positions. So, bonuses can be withdrawn from the deposit according to the general rules! Other brokers significantly limit the withdrawal of bonuses or even prohibit the withdrawal of such funds.

Based on the foregoing, we can recommend both to beginners and experienced traders WFT Group as a broker.

WFT Group Reviews

A broker is required for trading. Therefore, people who want to make money on this, read reviews of brokers on the Internet in order to find the most professional for themselves, who will help them become successful.

We want to warn you. Very often the reviews are not real! For example, you can find notes that the WFT Group is a deception, that they are scammers. Although, objective information from this company suggests otherwise.

These messages can have two purposes:

1. They blackmail the broker in order to get money from him for deleting such notes.
2. To defame a broker so that novice traders can go to another broker.

It is no coincidence that such texts appear exclusively on sites that have been repeatedly caught in blackmail and posting paid reviews.

Before you believe the message from an unknown person that WFT Group are scammers, please, make an objective analysis, according to absolutely reliable and easily verifiable information.

WFT Group is an international broker with many years of experience and the winner of many prestigious competitions.

It cooperates with over ten thousand traders all over the world.

Offers convenient and fast money deposit and withdrawal.

Insures traders from unsuccessful deals.

Offers traders the most advanced trading software available today – the platform MetaTrader5.

We encourage traders to work with the WFT Group to make objective assessments of this broker. Let’s make the Internet more truthful together and help novice traders to make the right choice.