We The People Set To Shake Up The Metaverse With Digital-Art Drop

Saturday, February 5 2022 – We The People, an ultra-utility driven NFT project, plans a Feb 21 event ahead of an NFT digital-art drop that aims to set the metaverse on fire.

We The People’s founders intend to create a community with land acquisition, governance, and community, designed, built and run by the people. This community will be driven by its own economy, where members can operate businesses and earn real crypto assets passively and actively.

We The People Set To Shake Up The Metaverse With Digital-Art Drop

They have set their private pre-sale minting event for President’s Day on February 21, 2022. Their PUBLIC SALE will be held for those with good internet connection and fast fingers as it is predicted to sell out rapidly.

The founders want to address two issues – mixing the creative value of NFTs to produce an asset that has REAL value and healthy market stimulation.

NFT collector communities often want to see bigger plans attached to their collections that allow for exclusive access or benefits to holding what are sometimes JPGs costing well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In recent times, Gary Vaynerchuk’s “VeeFriend’s” collection has allowed access for in-real-life experiences, while Bored Ape has open-use around the collection where NFT collectors can use their art to create any new intellectual property they’d like including books, movies, or music.

We The People’s founders seek to harness the power of these ideas and others in Web3 and broaden the scope of what it means to be a utility-driven project by way of a $200,000 land purchase within The Sandbox upon sell-out of the collection.


 Owners of the FIRST RELEASE NFTs will be able to vote on how the future community will be built, governed, and funded. As the community grows, so does the proportionate investment by We The People in land within the metaverse.

In addition to utility, transparency has become a major topic of conversation within the Web3 world. Many projects are seen as “cash grabs” that are absolutely useless. We The People addresses this.

Founders of We The People NFT are accessible: they host AMA’s weekly with other notable NFT projects. They have extensive business backgrounds and expertise in both macro and microeconomics.

News on the project can be retrieved from the founders, at wethepeoplenft.io, or in their entertaining Discord, which requires verification for entry.


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