Traders DNA Academy – Forex Trading Education by Wayne Walker, Part 1

In the second installment of the Traders DNA Trading Academy, GCMS head honcho Wayne Walker will be discussing the differences between technical and fundamental analysisThis is a series of videos presented by Wayne Walker, managing director of Global Capital Markets Solutions and a foremost authority on the topics of forex education and management. Throughout the series, Wayne will be explaining all the basics of forex trading, taking in topics such as choosing a broker, setting up trades, margin trading, developing a trading strategy, and a range of different analysis techniques to help you predict price movements.


In the first installment, which can be viewed above or by clicking on this link, Wayne provides us with an overview of the advantages of forex trading, over equities trading for example. Here, he covers topics such as the 24-hour nature of the market, the ability to make money from falling prices as well as rising ones, the advantages of a highly liquid market with huge trading volumes, and the accessibility of this market to part-time independent investors.