Valuate Your Business in Just 3 Minutes or Less With Flippa’s Valuation Intelligent Engine

So you’re thinking about valuating your business.

Good news, because doing so has never been easier. In just 3 minutes or less, Flippa’s Intelligent Valuation Engine will provide you with an accurate assessment of your company.

First, a bit about the valuation engine. 

Flippa’s Intelligent Valuations Engine is backed with over ten years of sales data and can provide you with an accurate assessment of your business.

It’s like an encyclopedia for digital assets — any kind of digital asset and online business. 

This data is called on and cross referenced with the information you supply about your business to provide the world’s most accurate valuation — an indication of what the buying community will pay.

Whether users are assessing value for an eCommerce store, content blog, FBA store, application, or SaaS service software, Flippa’s Intelligent Valuations Engine factors over 40 different data points such as business model, age, domain authority, growth rate, competition, niche, and more.

Having a strong website valuation going into a sale is important because it will provide a reliable guide and set clear expectations.

Here’s a step-by-step account on how to access the valuation tool to get an accurate assessment of your business. It’s simple.

To get started, visit

On the homepage, click on “Get a Valuation”.

You’ll then be taken to the valuation homepage at

As you can see, you’ll be presented with an integrated chat bot that will be readily available to assist you.

Congratulations! You can now valuate your business. Finding out how much your business is worth has never been easier.