MT4 Automated Trading Video workshop

Automated and high frequency trading is thought of by most people as something that only the large financial institutions and companies are able to do. With the rapid developments in technology combined with the connectivity of the internet, programs such as the MetaTrader4 platform are now available providing automated and high frequency trading capabilities. Now, computer aided trading is a function available to all.

In a way, this relatively new technology, is having a profound impact on a the age old industry of trading, and it is like the old ways need to find new ways to be applied to new technology.

Recently, we at have just announced a new workshop (By GCMS) that combines two experienced ‘masters’ in the trading world. Wayne Walker started trading in New York in the late 90’s and has learnt many of the classic trading techniques over the years. With a strong technical background, Anton Hughes began trading in 2002, when he discovered that with automated trading, he could tap into his technical mind. Bringing Wayne and Anton together for a two day workshop, brings together the best of both worlds in online trading.

The MetaTrader4 Workshop will take attendees through the ‘reality’ side of trading, where Walker of GCMS covers money management techniques and the basics of the market fundamentals, and Anton Hughes (SaxoMT4) will focus on using the power of the MetaTrader4 platform, with automated trading (Expert advisors) and advanced charting functionality, (Custom Indicators).

The first workshop will be held from 30-31 August 2012 at Saxo Bank’s headquarters in Denmark. Saxo Bank has been one of the world’s innovators in online trading, and as a key member of the SaxoMT4 team, Anton is driving initiatives like these workshops that expands their offering to the growing market of online traders.

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