Top Things to Know About Offshore Withdrawal Payment Card

What Are Offshore Cards?

Offshore cards are credit cards issued by a bank or financial institution outside the country in which the holder lives. These are the fundamental financial instruments necessary for ATM withdrawals or purchases outside the card holder’s residential land. The most beneficial advantage that an offshore credit card can offer is anonymity and any payment in any country in the world.

Many financial firms and online websites claim to offer offshore cards, but most are not legitimate. Experts warn the customers not to fall prey to any fraudulent company. Such companies provide these cards on easy terms as offshore withdrawal payment cards are not easy to obtain. Thorough research has been made to ascertain an authentic firm providing quality services related to offshore payment cards. Below is the direct link to a legitimate company offering offshore payment card services:

AdvCash- The Ultimate Solution to All Your Offshore Payment Issues:


AdvCash is the most widely used platform to cover all your offshore payment issues and provide the best Electronic Payment System. AdvCash (Advance Cash) is actively used in most investment projects and is the first to offer such services.

AdvCash incorporates the support of many global and national currencies, virtual and physical offshore cards, and advanced tools. And, it also offers a robust security system to provide an affordable and feasible environment for clients.

Sheer Facts In Evidence of AdvCash’s authenticity:

The acknowledgeable Historial background of AdvCash, having 20 years of experience in international finance, has made it capable of gaining the trust of millions of users worldwide. With easy-to-access services and a system established around the peace of users’ minds, AdvCash has successfully maintained a stable environment. Ultimately, it has appeared as a supportive and profitable platform for your worthy investment. Speedy KYC/KYB verification for clients also favors AdvCash being a legitimate firm and trustworthy platform.

Services and Benefits That AdvCash Offers:

Basic Services Provided:

  • Currency wallets including many global currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB)
  • Low commission-based currency exchange on easy terms and compatible rates
  • Supports transfer in 200+ countries around the world (at any Visa/Mc card or email)
  • 24/7 customer support by experts
  • Consistent efforts to implement new deposit and withdrawal methods

Added Benefits and Advantages:

  • Foolproof security system
  • Holder’s anonymity and security of finances
  • Protection of wallet
  • Speedy transfers and 0% commissions on transfer within the system
  • Withdrawal at the low commission and favorable rates
  • Affiliate program
  • Advanced merchant tools and stable financial environment

How To Register And Verify Yourself On AdvCash?

Registration Process:

Registration on AdvCash is feasible and free of cost. It is complementary haste-free and requires no detailed information. All you need to provide is your name, surname, email, and a security password to sign in and access the services. Soon after the registration, you will receive a confirmation letter to get started. For the initial registration, you do not even need to provide your original name and surname. But if you plan to verify further, it is recommended to provide your actual data to proceed.

Verification Process:

The verification process is also simplified and is completed in the following three steps:

  1. Verification Of Identity: The first strep usually takes 1to3 days and includes a scan of the passport page with a picture or a driving license to verify the data you entered.
  2. Address Verification: The verification of address also requires within 1 to 3 days. You can do it by scanning a passport page with a residence permit or any other official document verifying your entered data.
  3. Verification Of Phone Number: The final step is to verify your mobile phone number. You will be sent a specific code to your sim and enter that code in the required field. In this way, your account verification will be complete.

Important Points To Ponder:

The following points clarify the importance and added benefits of verified personal accounts:

  • Owners of personal accounts can top up their funds for a maximum of 1000 USD per day and 2500 USD per month before clearing the verification procedure. Withdrawals of up to 500 USD per day and 2500 USD per month are also permitted. Within the system, transfers of up to 3000 USD per day/month are available.
  • In contrast to the prior, owners of verified personal accounts can replenish money up to 99,999 USD per day or 250,000 USD per month per transaction. One can withdraw up to 100,000 USD per day and 250,000 USD per month are possible, with a $10,000 transaction maximum. The system’s transfer limit will be 999999 USD per day/month, with a transaction limit of 99999 USD.

What Is Special About AdvCash Wallet And Credit Cards?

AdvCash Cards:

Two types of cards are offered in two forms: a plastic card or a virtual Mastercard. ADV cards are available in most countries of the world and come with a vast choice of currencies. This card allows the clients to pay at any Visa or UnionPay-enabled merchant or ATM worldwide.

You can also load your ADV card with an instant ADV wallet transfer. You can make purchases and withdraw cash without paying a commission when you use a plastic card. Withdrawal limitations are set at 90 000 USD/EUR per month and 3000 USD/EUR per day.

Similarly, the virtual card is an excellent tool for making easy online purchases. This card costs one dollar/euro and is valid for three years. It’s also available right after you register with the system.

ADV Wallets:

AdvCash allows you to create more than one multicurrency wallet even of the same currency. For security, each wallet is assigned a unique wallet number containing twelve digits and a letter.


All the information provided above will be beneficial if you plan to get an offshore withdrawal payment card. AdvCash is a reputed multinational firm that will offer you authentic and convenient services according to your needs. For registration and more details, you can check the official website and get all the above benefits at a commendable cost.