The Top Most Successful Forex Traders

The Top Most Successful Forex Traders

Forex trading can be difficult, but if you follow the right tips and tricks, you can become successful. You need to learn the basics of Forex trading, and slowly move your way to the top.

Apart from getting tips, seeing examples of successful traders can also help you improve. You can simply try to check and see which Forex traders perform better, or you can look at the list below and discover some of the top Forex traders out there.


Bill Lipschutz


Bill Lipschutz was born in Farmingdale, New York, back in 1956. He was able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture after attending Cornwell University. At the same time, he has a Bachelor’s degree from the Johnsons School of Finance.

Lipschutz started investing money after his grandmother died. He inherited $12,000 worth of stock from her. He liquidated it and started investing money. Spending a lot of time in the library, he managed to learn a lot about the financial markets. As a result, the $12,000 he inherited almost became $250,000. Sadly, he made one decision later that put an end to the capital. Luckily, he managed to learn a lesson out of this failure and started working under the Solomon Brothers.

Lipschutz started earning about $300 million annually for the Solomon Brothers and became one of the top 5 most successful traders in the world as a result. Later on, he left the Solomon Brothers and has been working with the Hathersage Capital Management ever since.


Andrew Krieger


Andrew Krieger is certainly someone who cannot be missing from the list. He managed to graduate from the Wharton School of Business. Then, in 1986, he joined the Bankers Trust. He was amazing and impressive, as he had some great skills that allowed him to trade huge amounts. This is why the top management granted him a $700 million trading limit, even though the usual limit was $50 million.


George Soros


Our list cannot be complete without mentioning George Soros. He’s definitely one of the top traders, and his name is one of the most famous ones when it comes to Forex trading. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, back in 1930. After escaping the Hungarian Nazi occupation, he managed to go to England while World War II was unfolding.

After attending the London School of Economics, he started working at merchant banks, and then he founded Double Eagle. He used the profits from it to form Soros Fund Management, the second hedge fund. Double Eagle was also later renamed as the Quantum Fund.

Over the years, with how much he made in profits, he gained the title of “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

Final Thoughts

We can all use some inspiration, and if you want to get into Forex trading, then seeing these amazing traders should offer you the kick you need. They worked hard and managed to be some of the best in their field, so make sure you give it your all if you want to become successful.