Top Must-Have Apps for Traders

trading apps


It is no surprise we live in age of digital supremacy which has led us to manage certain aspects of our lives using a smartphone or a tablet. People are going mobile, there is no doubt about that and it is happening fast. And this technology is proving to be quite beneficial for everybody, which also includes traders and investors. A majority of investors now depend heavily on their phones to make active trades. They rely on their tablets more than they do on their laptops and computers. Why? That is because it is fast and it is frighteningly convenient.

And because of this sudden increase in demand for applications pertaining to trading and investing, developers are working day and night just to keep up with demand. A majority of brokerage companies have now completely incorporated the use of financial and trading applications for their clientele. And speaking of those applications, mentioned below are some of the best trading applications you should consider using to make your trades far more effective than before:

Top Apps to Have


You must have heard of Twitter. Well, StockTwits is just like Twitter for traders. This application will help you analyze and evaluate what traders are doing in the market. It will you read each move in real-time and will allow you to respond accordingly. With StockTwits, you will also be able to get to know about the rookie traders in the market as well receive information from some of the most well-known investment companies and media platforms. And the best part is the application is free.


At times, some of the best applications are the easiest to use and it is in this regard you must consider using FuturesLive. Commodities’ traders continuously search for future quotes and there is no application better made for this function than FuturesLive. FuturesLive give traders a quotation from a variety of futures available from all big exchanges. It helps you organize those quotes and make categories like livestock and metals, in other words easier to understand.

Stock Guru for iPad

If you’re a big fan of the iPad, Stock Guru is just the application for you. Designed to be used on iPads only, it allows real-time evaluation of 7,000 stocks, which is amazing. You can evaluate the risk, financial integrity, momentum and a proprietary rating which adds everything up and presents it in the form of data files without the details (for those who don’t want to waste time understanding loads of information).


You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow in the stock market. Things can get shaky in the blink of an eye and to be sure you’re not caught in a trade disaster, you’ll need an application which gives you on-time information and analysis in real-time. Bloomberg is the application of choice of many top traders in the market. The application provides up to date world financial news, graphs, stock quotes, etc. It also has a breaking news feature which allows you stay in loop.


Look, either you would hate analysts from Wall Street or you would love them. But the fact is you need financial analyses if you wish to succeed. Some may rely on their analysis but others choose to ignore it. If you can’t imagine a life without an analyst, consider using AnalystRT as the application contains perfect rating for over 1000 stocks and enables you to make a keep checking your favourite stocks you are considering to buy.

Trade Interceptor

If you’re a Forex trader, this app is a must-have for you. Trade Interceptor comes with a cool charting feature which allows you analyze and use all your indicators. You can use the app to keep an eye on the moving averages, ATRs, Bollinger Bands, etc. The app also provides traders RSS feeds and real-time Forex updates and news. And because it is a third-party application, you can use it to trade with other brokers as well and supervise multiple trading accounts.


Another really helpful application designed for traders is NetDania and it can pair up to 160 currencies worldwide to different stock indices, for example Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei. Plus, the app has a ton of cool trading tools you can work with to improve your strategies and implement them quickly and effectively. NetDania also gives you complete access to trading news of all sorts in real-time and you can enable the option of getting notified whenever a report you’re interested in surfaces which is really useful for busy traders.

These are some of the best trading applications you should consider using.