Top Cryptocurrency Projects Trending On Twitter

• The most tweeted about cryptocurrency project is Bitcoin with 1,650,951 tweets using the term ‘#Bitcoin’ over a seven-day period. 

• The second most tweeted about project with fewer than half the number of tweets is ‘#BNB’ with 638,662 tweets. 

• ‘#Ethereum’ is the project in third place with 426,769 tweets. 

• The most tweeted about cryptocurrency project is Bitcoin with 1,650,951 tweets using the term ‘#Bitcoin’ over a seven-day period. 

Top Cryptocurrency Projects Trending On Twitter

Cryptocurrencies have been around more than 15 years now, and the industry has been rapidly expanding ever since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008. As the industry grows, so too do the number of crypto projects.

Web3 data sharing platform, Streamr, delved into Twitter’s API and analysed millions of tweets, to see which cryptocurrency was tweeted about the most over the seven-day period between 10 and 16 March 2023. 


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The most tweeted Crypto projects

The most tweeted about cryptocurrency project was Bitcoin with 1,650,951 tweets featuring the term ‘#Bitcoin’. Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency created in 2009 by an unknown person or group that operates under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is known as the very first cryptocurrency, is fully decentralised, and is currently the number one ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. 

The second most-tweeted-about cryptocurrency project was Binance’s BNB, with #BNB featuring in 638,662 tweets. BNB was released in 2017 through an ICO and is expected to boost the operation of the Binance exchange and its ecosystem. BNB is recognised as the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. 

The third most tweeted-about cryptocurrency project was Ethereum (ETH), which had 426,769 tweets featuring ‘#Ethereum.’ Ethereum was launched by creators Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood in 2015, and is a decentralised, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality- it is second only to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalisation. 

‘#Solana’ was the fourth most tweeted about cryptocurrency project with 242,117 tweets. Solana (SOL) was first launched in 2020 and was created by Anatoly Yakovenko, Greg Fitzgerald, Stephen Akridge, and Raj Gokal. Solana achieves consensus using a proof-of-stake mechanism and its ‘proof-of-history’ model. This project is the twelfth largest cryptocurrency ranked by market capitalisation.

‘#Gamefi’ was fifth place with 229,179 tweets over the seven-day period. Rather than referring to a particular project, Gamefi, a fusion of the words game and finance, refers to any decentralised finance protocols with a gamified element. Cryptocurrency projects such as ‘The Sandbox’ and ‘Axie Infinity’ are prime examples of this. 

‘#Polygon’ came in sixth place with 142,072 tweets featuring this hashtag over the seven-day period. Polygon (MATIC) is a blockchain platform that enables blockchain networks to connect and scale. It aims to create a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem compatible with Ethereum and currently has over 7,000 blockchain projects that are supported by the platform. Polygon was launched in 2020 and is currently ranked eighth by market capitalisation. 

Ripple is the cryptocurrency project in seventh place, with 141,393 tweets over the seven days featuring ‘#XRP.’ Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network that was released in 2012. XRP is ranked sixth by market capitalisation.

Cardano was the eighth most tweeted about cryptocurrency project with 120,050 tweets featuring ‘#Cardano.’ Launched in 2017 by co-founders Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood after they left the Ethereum project in 2014, Cardano is a public blockchain platform that is open-source, decentralised, and uses the proof-of stake model to achieve consensus. Cardano’s internal cryptocurrency is called ADA and is the seventh largest cryptocurrency when ranked by market capitalisation. 

Aptos was the ninth most tweeted about cryptocurrency project with 117,891 tweets using ‘#Aptos’ over the seven-day period. Aptos is a Web3 startup that is building a scalable blockchain, and the company was founded by developers who previously worked on Diem – Meta’s blockchain project that was abandoned. Aptos is currently ranked 31st by market capitalisation. 

The tenth most tweeted-about project was RichQUACK, with 94,688 tweets featuring ‘#RichQUACK’ across the seven-day period. Launched in June 2021, RichQUACK (or QUACK) is a hyper deflationary meme token that is on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to pay out rewards to holders by means of ‘frictionless yield generation’. RichQUACK is currently ranked 365th by market capitalisation.

When looking at the next ten most tweeted-about cryptocurrency projects, the notable meme coin Dogecoin (‘#Dogecoin’) is ranked in 13th place with 71,163 tweets. 

The future trends of cryptocurrency projects

The development of crypto projects is a constantly evolving landscape, with new trends emerging and existing trends evolving over time. As institutional players such as banks and investment firms invest in crypto projects and offer cryptocurrency-related services to their clients, the demand and use cases of cryptocurrencies would rise. 

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be applied to a variety of industries and use cases, such as cross-border payments, remittances, supply chain management, and identity verification. As more people become aware of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we will see an increase in the number of use cases being developed, which could lead to further adoption and growth in the industry.

Increased regulatory scrutiny will help to legitimize the industry and encourage wider adoption, as well as a greater focus on privacy and security will drive the development of new and innovative security solutions. Additionally, we can expect to see continued innovation in blockchain technology, with the emergence of new consensus algorithms, blockchain architectures, and other advancements that could improve scalability, energy efficiency, and transaction speeds.