Top Bitcoin Start-Ups

bitcoin startups

Due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin, Bitcoin start-ups have gained considerable recognition and begun to amass a significant amount of investment capital even when several of them are warned there could be serious risks associated with them in terms of fraudulent activities and worst of all, hacking.

But despite that several infant Bitcoin start-ups have successfully raised millions of dollars from powerful venture capital companies and angel investors which has also served to grant them a credible form of authenticity and permitted them to add a currency that is not regulated by the central bank, Coinsetter Inc. and Coinbase Inc. are among several start-ups who have successfully embarked on giving good Bitcoin and ‘alt coins’ trading options to users.

A List of Some Successful Bitcoin Start-ups

Coinbase Inc.

Coinbase Inc. is a digital currency company which provides users several digital trading and overseas digital trading solutions which enable them to buy, sell, use and accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency securely and reliably. This also allows Coinbase to facilitate traders and merchants to conduct high/low order trading using Bitcoins. It is a strong platform which also provides cloud storage options for Bitcoins as well as a multitude of other merchant instruments.


BitPagos is the only payment gateway which is focusing its efforts on bringing easy Bitcoin to Latin America and provides customers the options to make payments via credit cards and it also pays out to traders in Bitcoin currency but charges a fee for it. What this exclusive and revolutionary feature does is provide traders an approach to Bitcoin trading which reduces their costs for effective, convenient, efficient and safer Bitcoin transactions across borders.


An open source platform, ButterCoin is designed to be an efficient and high volume Bitcoin trading engine which can also be utilized to set trades in the order book. The design and concept of ButterCoin is based on LMAX and aims for an increased throughput while remaining vigilant of what is being traded via the platform.


Created by Rip Labs, Ripple is an online currency exchange, payment gateway and remittance platform and exchange designed over open source internet protocols and distributed through a consensus ledger and a native currency known as ripples. The platform provides users secure, fast and almost free worldwide trade transactions of any size, eliminating chargebacks. The platform also accepts fiat currencies, like dollars, pounds, and yen, as well as digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. It also accepts commodities exchanges or any other unit which is of value, for example mobile minutes, and frequent flier miles.

Fundamentally, the platform is based around a ledger or a shared public database. In addition to indicating the balance, the public database also stores information pertaining to various buys, offers and sells currencies and assets, a feature no other exchange platform has.


Established by Charlie Shrem and Gareth Nelson in 2011, Bitinstant provides its customers the ability to buy Bitcoins from over 700,000 stores, including big retail giants like Walmart, Duane Reade and Walgreens. A year after being founded, presidential candidate Mitt Romney got blackmail threats from an anonymous group, demanding he pays them $1 million in Bitcoin. At the time, Erick Voorhees of Bitinstant offered Romney a proposal that he is willing to buy the Bitcoins for him without charging any fee at all.

Tradehill Inc.

Tradehill Inc. is a strong digital currency exchange and platform for seasoned and experienced traders, investors, governments and businessmen. Moreover, Tradehill Inc. is considered to be an extremely secure and reliable exchange platform as it has never been hacked nor has it experienced downtime, unlike various other Bitcoin exchange platforms.


Bips is another prominent Bitcoin start-up which is both dependable and secure and is considered the most efficient Bitcoin checkout all over the globe. It’s so fast and convenient that users can easily check out and with just a single tap or click can pay online without having an account. Plus, you can also start receiving payments in Bitcoin in a matter of minutes with fast authorization.

So, these are the best Bitcoin start-ups which rose to popularity and success shortly after the Bitcoin currency increased in value and gained popularity.


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